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5 Fun Things You Can Still Do In and Around Charlotte

With things at a standstill and the kids home for the foreseeable future, it is becoming increasingly difficult to stay motivated and optimistic. What’s the best way to prevent those negative feelings from slowly creeping in? Schedule your days with new adventures to look forward to.

Both exploring new places and making the most out of your time at home can quickly turn around the mood in your house. In and around your Charlotte neighborhood, and even in your own home, there are still things you can do while abiding by social distancing recommendations and keeping your family safe. 

1. Go to the drive-in movie

Instead of spending another night arguing over which Netflix movie to watch, branch out, and bring the kids to a drive-in movie. Hounds Drive-In, located in Kings Mountain, remains open and continues to show recently released films. Though the concession stand is closed and you must remain in your car for the duration of the film, getting out to a drive-in theater can add a little excitement to the nightly dinner and movie routine. Pack a picnic, bring the kids up front, and enjoy a movie together that you wouldn’t be able to see otherwise. Maybe even include a brief drive-in “history” lesson to check off homeschooling for the day! 

2. Plant a garden 

If a silver lining exists during this difficult time, it is definitely the time of year. With the arrival of spring comes nicer weather, trees in bloom, and the return of all the bright colors we had missed over the winter. Take advantage of your freed-up weekend space to beautify your lawn. Right now, many florists and garden shops are offering a version of curbside pick-up. Just call ahead or check out what you want online and return safely with everything you need to make your home the pleasant oasis that is so important at this time. 

3. Home improvement project 

Have you been waiting to paint the guestroom or stain the kitchen cabinets? Maybe the basement needs an overhaul in organization or you’ve been dying to add a stone fire pit to your backyard. Many home improvement stores are making it easy to safely pick up the supplies you need and YouTube videos abound with information on how to fix everything in your home. Plus, you can’t beat that feeling of accomplishment and relief when you finally get around to finishing a home project. 

4. Take advantage of our awesome greenway trails 

The gyms are closed and our neighborhood walks are getting old. Maybe it’s time to venture out to the greenway trails for some hiking with the family. Being in the fresh air in a brand new environment can be a rejuvenating way to spend an afternoon and a safe, effective way to exercise during this time. Take it up a notch and plan a nature scavenger hunt for the kids while you take in the views. Or, bring your bikes and coast through the varying scenery you’ll see along the way.

5. Just relax 

Of course, this is a hard time for all of us, and it’s necessary to, at times, cut ourselves a break. So many of us are working full time, caring for our children, and doing another million things that can make us feel overwhelmed and hopeless. If that’s the case, try to carve out a little time for yourself. Read a book, catch up on your favorite shows, play board games, or just sit on your back deck. Enjoy stillness for a bit. Sometimes, when the world is at a standstill, we just need to stand still with it.

As we start to lose count of what number week of quarantine we’re in, keeping things fun and revitalizing can become increasingly difficult yet more important than ever. Try some of these activities, or discuss possible things to do with your family. Simply accomplishing a task or getting out for a little can make an enormous difference in your week.

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