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3 Reasons to Video Conference

There are many benefits to working remotely through a virtual office, but many entrepreneurs find themselves facing one significant challenge: miscommunication. With email or texting, the chance of miscommunication is particularly high because we can’t hear the tone of the other person or see their body language—both of which play huge roles in conveying messages. virtual

A simple way around this problem is using video conferencing technologies. With video conferencing, you can hear the person’s tone of voice and see their body language, which helps you reduce the chance of misinterpreting their message. Here are three reasons why you should start using video conferencing technologies to help your business succeed:

Video Conferencing Saves Time and Money

No matter what stage a business is at, it’s important for business owners and entrepreneurs to always be on the lookout for new ways to cut expenses and increase their productivity. Video conferencing technologies allow them to do just that. Consider how much time and money it takes for employees and clients to travel. Even just picking them up at the airport could take over 30 minutes. With video conferencing, busy professionals can eliminate this waste of time and money while still communicating with others face to face. You can funnel the money saved through video conferencing into your business to help reach your business goals.

Increases Communication Among Remote Team Members

Even through in-person communication, things can easily become misinterpreted and potentially cause significant problems within a company. With remote employees and clients, this communication can be further hindered if they are relying solely on email and phone calls to discuss business plans. Video conferencing allows everyone to communicate face to face so that no one misses out on crucial body language or tone, thus avoiding misunderstandings. When important business matters are on the line, using video conferencing is a smart choice for anyone who is serious about their career.

Another benefit of video conferencing between employees and clients is that it helps put a face to a name and make your business more relatable. Rather than some distant person on the other end of a phone call, your client can see that you are an actual person who wants to work together for mutual benefit. In short, video conferencing could be the difference between securing a business deal and losing out against the competition.

It’s Completely Free at Some Office Suites

Whether you don’t want to pay for video conferencing or you simply aren’t a tech whiz, there are a few office suites that come with video conferencing technologies already set up and ready to use. At YourOffice Ballantyne, you can take advantage of free video conferencing without the hassle of purchasing it or figuring out how to get it working. With friendly staff always on hand, you can boost your productivity by using this technology to your benefit.

Get Started With Video Conferencing to Improve Your Business!

Video conferencing is a technology that every professional should consider using in order to grow their business. In addition to saving both money and time, business owners and entrepreneurs can use video conferencing to significantly improve the communication amongst team members and clients. At YourOffice Ballantyne, we offer the latest technologies such as video conferencing for our tenants. To find out what other amazing amenities we offer and how to get two months’ FREE rent, contact us today!

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