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3 Reasons You Will Love Working in Ballantyne

Those who have visited Ballantyne in the Queen City know that it is full of fun experiences for the entire family. Whether you want to grab a bite to eat from one of the popular food trucks, get fit with a yoga class, or shop at one of the many boutiques in the area, Ballantyne has plenty of options for you.

But what about when it comes to working in Ballantyne? Many have made the move to both live and work in Ballantyne because of its reputation for being a thriving place to start a business or find a job. Here are three reasons why you will no doubt love working in Ballantyne: Things to do in Charlotte during August

Business is Booming

It’s been a couple of decades since businesses began rapidly appearing in the southern area of Charlotte and things haven’t been slowing down. With a median income of $98,269 reported in 2013, the 2,000-acre upscale neighborhood is one of the most highly sought-after places to work. The popular Ballantyne Corporate Park (BCP) is home to some big Fortune 500 companies such as MetLife and LendingTree, which helps drive its impressive growth. Knowing that you are working in a thriving business setting and a supportive community will help you feel good about growing your business.

Exclusive Benefits

Tenants of BCP enjoy some exclusive benefits that make Ballantyne one of the best places to work. One superior benefit is the BCP Card program that provides tenants with access to hundreds of discounts for local businesses within Ballantyne Corporate Park. You can check out the entire list of discounts at and register your BCP card so that you can start saving!

It Can Help Boost Your Productivity

Another reason people are so content and seem to thrive in Ballantyne is because the area gives them plenty of outlets after a hard day’s work. Some of the most successful CEOs know that taking regular breaks from work can actually make you more productive, and Ballantyne provides you with plenty of escape. From a relaxing game of golf to walking trails for you to explore, there are many ways for busy professionals to let loose for a bit before returning to work.

In addition to these activities, Ballantyne also provides busy professionals with a high level of convenience. Medical facilities, grocery stores, and quick access to Charlotte’s international airport make it much easier for professionals to maximize their efficiency.

Discover Your Own Office Space at YourOffice Ballantyne

Anyone working in Ballantyne is likely to tell you that it is one of the best places to work in the Queen City. A business-friendly atmosphere, top-notch discounts, and the convenience that Ballantyne offers hardworking individuals is something that can be hard to find elsewhere.

If you are thinking of re-locating to Charlotte to work in Ballantyne, you can find the ideal office space at YourOffice Ballantyne. Located in the beautiful Ballantyne Corporate Park, YourOffice Ballantyne offers fully furnished offices, meeting rooms, and virtual office solutions with flexible terms to help meet your business needs. Contact us today and find out how you can save as you experience everything that Ballantyne has to offer.

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