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4 Things to Know About the Charlotte Hornets

hornetsThere is no doubt that Charlotte, North Carolina is a great city to live in. The 3rd fastest growing city in the United States offers beautiful scenery, a rich history, and an eclectic arts scene. However, another major appeal to the city is the love of Charlotte’s NBA team, the Charlotte Hornets. Whether you have been a fan since you were born or recently started to cheer for the team, here are four things every fan should know about the Charlotte Hornets:

The Hornets Briefly Left the Queen City

The Charlotte Hornets were established in 1988 thanks to a determined entrepreneur named George Shinn, who desperately wanted to bring an NBA team to the Charlotte area. Unfortunately, Shinn’s reputation was tarnished after a scandal and it was one of the key reasons why he decided to relocate the Hornets to New Orleans. The Hornets were moved to New Orleans in the 2001-02 season and Charlotte replaced the Hornets with the Charlotte Bobcats. Long-time Hornets fans rejoiced when the New Orleans franchise decided to rebrand themselves as the Pelicans, allowing Charlotte to reclaim the Hornets’ name.

The Team’s Name Dates Back to the Revolutionary War

While we are on the topic of the Hornets’ name, it’s important to know how the Hornets originally got their name in the first place. The city of Charlotte was known for its fierce resistance to British occupation in the Revolutionary War. This caused British commander Lord Cornwallis to refer to the city as a “veritable hornet’s nest of rebellion.” The name was initially going to be the Charlotte Spirit, but “Hornets” was chosen based on a name-the-team contest.

Michael Jordan is the Majority Owner of the Hornets

NBA legend Michael Jordan currently holds majority ownership in the Charlotte Hornets, making him the first former basketball player to acquire the majority ownership of a team. Jordan originally bid to become part-owner of the Hornets in 1999, but he broke off negotiations with George Shinn due to a disagreement over how much control Jordan would have over the team. He acquired majority ownership over the team in 2010 (when the Hornets were the Bobcats) and is also the league’s only African-American majority owner.

The Famous Curry Family is a Source of Pride

Dell Curry was a phenomenal professional basketball player who retired as the Hornets’ all-time leading scorer in points (9,839) and in three-point field goals (982). Curry won the Sixth Man of the Year award in the 1993-94 season and is now a color commentator for the Hornets. His sons, Stephen and Seth Curry, are also professional basketball players, while his daughter, Sydel, plays volleyball at Elon University. Dell established the Dell Curry Foundation in 1998, which helps struggling youths in the Charlotte area. The entire family is talented and dedicated to helping those in need, making the famous family a source of pride for the Hornets and for the city of Charlotte.

The Hornets Have Found Their Home in Charlotte

The Charlotte Hornets may have briefly left the city, but they eventually found their way back when Michael Jordan changed the team’s name back to the Hornets last season. The Hornets have found their home once again in the beautiful city of Charlotte, and we hope that this is where they will stay.

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