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4 Fun Ways To Personalize Your Office Space

Does your office need an update?  Does it feel like it’s not a true reflection of you or your company?  Personalizing your office is an important step in improving your productivity and making visitors feel welcome. Here, at YourOffice-Ballantyne we see people decorate and personalize their executive suites in lots of unique ways.

When deciding how to decorate your office there are a few things you should consider.  First you should take into account the image of your business.  Consider what it is that best represents your company and how you fit into it.  If you work in finance choosing bright flashy colors may no be the best choice.  If you work in photography, however, that might be an attractive option.  Brainstorm ideas for your specific industry while keeping your own tastes and preferences in mind.

Here are 4 ways we see people personalizing their spaces:

A Little Bit of Culture

Artwork may be one of the easiest ways to personalize your workspace.  Not only can art make a room more aesthetically pleasing but it can also speak something about yourself and your company.  If you work in advertising consider having something along the lines of a retro advertisement hanging in your office.  This can be a great talking point when clients or coworkers are around.  You can also use artwork as a way to showcase your personal interests perhaps a vintage car or a putting green.  Also if your not lucky enough to have a gorgeous view or large windows consider artwork in place of a view.  A large island scene or mountain-view can enlarge a room and create a more pleasant workplace.

Infuse Some Life Into Your Office Space

Plants have a way of making any room more inviting.  Aside from the many health benefits of plants, such as lowering blood pressure, they can also increase attentiveness and productivity.  This makes them an attractive addition to any work environment.  Not only will it boost your productivity it will also create a welcoming feeling for yourself and potential clients.  An interesting or colorful plant can be a good discussion point as well.

Brighten Things Up

Lighting can make or break any space no matter what its purpose.  In most offices fluorescent lighting is the norm but can be exhausting on the eyes.  Investing in good quality natural lighting can drastically improve your office.  It can be the difference between enjoying more of the time you spend there and counting the minutes until it’s time to leave.

Time For A Change

Having a clock in your office might seem unnecessary considering most people either wear a watch, have a smart phone, or use their computer to tell time.   However, having a good quality, easy to read clock is essential in any professional atmosphere.  It creates a focal point in the room and can keep you focused when your mind is wandering.  It can bring the rest of the décor together as well.  Having a clock that goes well with the furniture and other decorative elements can really complete the room.

When decorating a few personal touches can drastically change the feel of your office.  Simply choose a color scheme that reflects your company and yourself and then find little ways to make it your own.  Just putting in a little thought can go a long way.

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