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5 Fun Must Have Gadgets For the Office

An office space should be a place that is all work and no play. No distractions. No fun. NO WAY! Today’s office space should be a place where you can have a little fun on the job. Here are 5 fun must-have tech gadgets that will help you balance work and fun in your office environment:

8a0f_usb_rocket_launcher5 Fun Office Tech Gadgets

The Nerf Cannon

Are tensions running high around the office? Relieve some stress and anxiety with the Nerf Cannon. This office toy has all the fun features of a kid’s Nerf gun, but is specially designed for adult office warfare. The USB-powered desktop missile launcher will allow you launch a blitz attack on your office coworkers whenever things get too serious. The Nerf Cannon comes with software that allows you to aim and fire right from your mouse or keyboard. They won’t know what hit them!

 laser keyboardThe Laser Keyboard

Between Nerf wars you will probably need to get some work done at your computer, but that doesn’t mean that you have to go completely back into boring work mode. The Cube Laser Virtual Keyboard will project a keyboard onto any flat surface. There is even a sensor which picks up on finger movements as you type, and a speaker which makes the click-click noise of typing. With a laser keyboard, even the most mundane typing task can be fun!



Buckyballs are simply small, shiny magnetic balls. You are probably thinking, “What do buckyballs do?” Wrong question. The right question is, “What can I do with buckyballs?” and the answers are endless. Buckyballs provide the stress release of getting your hands off the keyboard, and offer you a medium for creating shapes, patterns, desk art and even wearable jewelry. It’s like Play Doh for the office, with all the creative opportunities and none of the mess.


Mathmos Blob  Flow Lights Front ViewBlob and Flow

Remember the soothing, groovy glow of a lava lamp back in the 1970s? Blob and Flow are miniature glowing desk pets made by Mathmos, a company founded by the inventor of the lava lamp. Blob and Flow have lifelike features including tiny heartbeats, and their glowing eyes can wink when you touch their skin. When you need a calming moment during a stressful day at the office, Blob and Flow will be there for you.


imagesThe Pet Rock USB

The pet rock fad is here again, but this time with a high tech twist. This pet rock plugs in to one of your USB ports. What does the high tech pet rock do? Same as any rock. Nothing. However, this high tech pet rock will surely elicit comments from coworkers and passersby, and give you a chance to invent creative answers regarding the special powers and capabilities of the rock on your desk. (Pet Rock from ThinkGeek.)


Have some fun at the office! Adding a few tech gadgets to your office space will ensure that you have a way to relieve the daily stress and tension. A bit of play mixed with work will make for a happier, more productive office environment.

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