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5 Reasons to Work from Home While Still Retaining Office Space

Our office is our “command central.” It’s the place where we brainstorm ideas, meet clients, create products, research and do our best work. The Huffington Post reports that by the year 2020 forty percent of the workforce will consist of freelancers, independent contractors and solopreneurs. Just as diverse as the evolving workforce will be the way people conduct business. Some business professionals prefer a conventional office that creates a professional atmosphere and provides many business necessities like conference rooms, waiting areas, a receptionist and even quality office equipment. But just as many entrepreneurs prefer the comfort and flexibility of a home office and the benefit of being able to walk from their bedroom to their office instead of driving several miles.


But what if your business could have the luxury of both options? What if, as a solopreneur, you could have access to day offices and all the amenities that are a benefit to your company, while also working from the tranquility of your home via virtual office options? Not only is this doable, it is a smart choice for entrepreneurs who are on the go, yet committed to the growth of their businesses. Here are five savvy reasons why business owners should consider working from home while still retaining a pro office space:

Work from home office.Working from home; It’s A Real Life Option:

Working virtually while retaining a professional day office is a “real world” and savvy business move. Life happens; we get sick, we have a child who needs to stay home from school or bad weather can make travel unwise. Working from a virtual office is a great way to keep the flow of work and business moving on those days when we can’t make it to our day office. On the flip side there may be days when you know you will do your best work in a calmer, less distracting day office. Being able to make the choice on a day-by-day basis is a great way to keep your business humming at its fullest potential.

The Best of Both Worlds:

Love the flexibility of being your own boss and like being able to opt to work from your favorite coffee shop at any given time? That is the beauty of business ownership. But what about the times when your top client calls and wants to meet in an hour, or the prospect you’ve been pursuing for months is finally ready to meet with you “at your office.” Having a professional and efficient day office that you can use on short notice, one that provides a business-ready workspace with professional furniture, receptionist services and more is a savvy and smart move for any business owner.

Office Space Makes Great First Impressions:

Enjoying the flexibility and freedom to work “wherever and whenever” like we mentioned above is wonderful, but what about the times when making a positive first impressions with a new client is critical? Having a day office allows business owners to not only have a safe and private place to work, it also provides those who visit a more professional perception of your business.


Our home is our sanctuary, but it’s also a place where distractions are plentiful. Many business owners find it difficult to focus on important tasks when their kids are running around or conduct phone meetings when the dog is barking and the dryer is buzzing. Maintaining a day office helps busy business pros do business, focus on tasks, and prospect for new clients from a quiet, calm and structured atmosphere. Entrepreneurs know their business growth often depends on having the time, space and atmosphere that works to cultivate their best work. Working from home, while maintaining a day office, seems to be the “secret sauce” of success for more and more flourishing businesses these days.

The Human Connection Factor:

Despite the flexibility and freedom of working from home, many entrepreneurs still crave the human connection of having coworkers, officemates or even fellow business folks a few doors down. Maintaining a day office along with your home office marries the best of both worlds and provides business pros with the opportunity to tap into networks and inspiration that comes from working around innovate and like-minded people.









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