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7 Cool Offices Around the World

Office space has a reputation for being drab and uninspiring. White or beige walls and rows of cubicles can give them a depressing and negative vibe. However, not all workspaces are created equal. Check out our list of 7 of the coolest office spaces around the world.

1. Google (Zurich)


What list of coolest offices would be complete without mentioning Google? Google has a reputation for being one of the best companies to work for and that is made apparent in their unique office space. Google thrives off of creativity so it’s no surprise that their workspace reflects that. Just check out there office in Zurich, need to slide from one floor to the next anyone?

2. Comvert (Milan, Italy)

cool offices

What do you when you’re an alternative clothing company looking to make your workplace reflect your brand? Build an indoor skate bowl and suspend it above the warehouse of course! Built inside of an old abandoned cinema in Milan, Italy, none of the space is wasted. The building includes offices, a shop front, warehousing, and of course the skate bowl.

3. Facebook (Palo Alto, CA)


You can’t be one of the coolest, hippest social media sites in the world while simultaneously having a cubicle farm for your employee’s right? Of course not, that’s why Facebook headquarters in Palo Alto, CA. breaks from the traditional office space mold. Need a break from fixing tech errors and bugs? Head over to the video game room or take a skateboard break. Feel like exercising your mixing skills? Head over to the DJ station. In a workspace like this creativity is a given.

4. Lego (Denmark)

cool offices

Do you think working at Lego means that you would have an endless supply of Lego’s to create and play with as you come up with new designs and ideas for the Lego brand? Well you’d be right! That’s exactly how the Lego office in Denmark is designed. With an open floor plan and colorful meeting rooms this is any 8-year-old boy’s dream job.

5. Corus Quay (Toronto, Canada)


Corus Entertainment boasts an office space that is 500,000 square feet in size and includes a little bit of everything. Whether it’s a three-story slide or giant TVs paired with it’s brightly colored design this company knows how to bring coworkers together, all 1100 of them.

6. Selgas Cano (Madrid)

cool offices

If you’re building an office space for architects would you build a boring square office with small windows and uninspiring structures? Absolutely not! Designed by Iwan Baan, the Selgas Cano Office near Madrid, Spain is built in a forest and is partially below ground and partially above ground. The large windows allow you to feel as if you’re completely immersed in the natural landscape. It’s a perfect environment to be inspired by the natural architecture designed by Mother Nature herself.

7. Epic (Verona, WI)


Finally, if you want the excitement and energy of the Manhattan Subway without the stench what do you do? Build a replica in your office hallway! What better way to inspire your software developers than by bringing the exhilaration and vigor of Manhattan right into their office?

Workplaces don’t need to be drab and boring to be professional and productive.  Let’s hope more businesses start taking their ideas from the likes of these progressive companies on our list and everyone from software engineers to architects can feel inspired by these unique and quirky designs.

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