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Do You Need a Virtual Office in Charlotte?

virtual office in charlotte

You have some great clients and the perfect business name. You’re starting to gain some respectability in your niche, and your Charlotte business has grown, but maybe you’re feeling like you’ve hit a ceiling. Without a few key aspects your business may not grow past your basement or home office. If you’re looking to take your business to the next level ask yourself these questions to see if a virtual office in Charlotte is right for you.


1. Do you need a prestigious Charlotte address?

 A recognizable address in a prestigious location in Charlotte can be a catalyst to better and more lucrative clientele. Have you found yourself feeling awkward when you need to give out your business address? Does your business card scream “amatuer” with your home address glaring at your potential client like a red flag?

 If so then it might be time to consider a virtual office in Charlotte. The next time you hand out your business card to a potential client you can feel confident that your business’ address displays professionalism and respectability.

 2. Are you running out of space?

 When you were first starting out your home office or basement may have worked perfectly for your budding business. However as your business has grown you may have begun to run into some space issues. If you’ve hired anyone or added any members to your team using your home office may simply not be practical anymore.

 With a virtual office you’re not locked into any one size office or lease. A virtual office is a flexible and smart option for a growing business.

 3. Do you need someone to answer the phone?

 Oftentimes when a business is just starting out the main form of communication is your personal cell phone. As your business grows however this can become problematic when you need to project a sense of professionalism. With a virtual office you can have a full-time receptionist who answers business calls with your business’ name and can direct the calls to the proper place.  As you grow and become busier it also helps to increase productivity.

 Another advantage of having someone answer the phone is you don’t have to worry about an important client calling during an inopportune moment. No more worries about a client hearing your dog barking or your kid screaming while discussing their account.

 4. Do you need a place to hold meetings?

 As a brand new business you can sometimes get away with meeting a client at their own place of business but that is only a temporary solution. As your business grows you will eventually need a place to meet. There’s nothing worse than having no place to hold an important meeting except in your local coffee shop.

 A virtual office can provide a professional and up-to-date conference room that you can use at any time. It will be equipped with all the latest technology and will make projecting a professional atmosphere a breeze.

 5. Are you having trouble separating your home and family life?

 Having a home-based business can be great. After a while, however it can begin to encroach on your family life and cause problems both for your business and your home life. Occasionally you may have need of an outside office so that you can focus solely on your business, get your work done, and then return home to your family.

If you answered yes to any of these questions then it might be time to consider a virtual office in Charlotte. So why not take your business to the next level? You’ll be glad you did!

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