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Get Active at Lunch Working at Ballantyne Corporate Park

ballantyne corporate park activities Everyone knows that staying active is essential to a healthy and balanced lifestyle. However, staying fit while working a full-time job can be a challenge. Trying to find even a small amount of extra time to work out and get your blood flowing may seem like an almost impossible task. Ballantyne Corporate Park has an excellent answer to the “staying in shape” dilemma. Why not work out on your lunch break? There is an excellent Fit Trail located just behind Ballantyne Three in a wooded area off the Ballantyne Corporate Place that will not only help you get in shape but is a great way to get some fresh air during your lunch hour!

What is the Fit Trail?

The Fit Trail is 2,000 feet long and six feet wide, and is made from crushed recycled concrete topped with forgiving limestone to protect your joints from harder surfaces. It also includes 20 stations with signs illustrating exercises you can do along the trail as well as target heart rates. The entire routine includes exercises that help with flexibility, muscle strength training, muscle endurance, and cardiovascular conditioning. The best part about the whole trail? It’s free and you can complete it on your lunch break!

What are some of the exercises on the trail?

There are 20 stations on the trail and each one is designed to give you the maximum benefit while still protecting your muscles and joints. Numerous stretches such as the calf stretch, upper hamstring stretch, side stretch, and upward stretch help you to avoid injury by keeping your muscles loose along the course. Pull-ups, pushups, and body dips help you to strengthen and tone your muscles, and core strengthening exercises such as sit-ups and leg raises help tone that stubborn tummy.

Ballantyne is a great place to work but it is also a great place to help you stay in shape with your busy schedule. Whether you come in early and get a morning exercise routine going or put that lunch hour to better use, the Fit Trail is a great way to have fun, get some fresh air, and stay in shape at Ballantyne Corporate Park!

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