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Good Meeting Spaces in Ballantyne with YourOffice Ballantyne

Only a few decades ago, work from home jobs used to be scarce and most people worked 9-to-5 jobs. Now, work from home jobs are on the rise and have become viable options for both large and small businesses alike. Those who have chosen virtual offices over traditional ones have found that they have some significant perks. At the same time, the virtual office route also presents some unique challenges as well. Where do you meet with important clients when you work from home? How do you conduct an employee training session? No matter what kind of meeting space you need, YourOffice Ballantyne has the perfect solution.

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Meeting Spaces for Every Occasion

YourOffice Ballantyne knows how important it is for your business to project a professional image, which is why we offer prestigious meeting rooms for every occasion:

Meeting space: Day Office

Perfect for: When you’re working with one other person or need a private place to work by yourself, YourOffice Ballantyne’s day offices are the best meeting space.

What it offers: These offices are incredibly comfortable and come with high-speed Internet so you can be productive from the moment you sit down. Whether you need a place in between meetings or need to meet with an important client, this meeting space is the best place to do so.

Meeting Space: Interior Conference and Meeting Room

Perfect for: YourOffice Ballantyne’s interior conference and meeting rooms are perfect for holding small team meetings or small meetings with clients.

What it offers: Set up with comfortable furnishings, interior conference rooms are great meeting spaces. Use the whiteboard to help you visualize the future, brainstorm ideas, or jot down your business’s goals for everyone in the room to see. With an interior conference room, you are basically guaranteed to be productive.

Meeting Space: Exterior Conference and Meeting Room

Perfect for: When you need a little bit more room than an interior conference room and need a high-end space. These rooms hold up to five people and are an excellent meeting space for small team or client meetings.

What it offers: YourOffice Ballantyne’s exterior conference rooms are equipped with 52” Hi-Def wall-mounted LCD display for PC inputs so that sales presentations are fully engaging. In addition, these rooms come with Hi-Def videoconferencing and stunning views to spark your creativity.

Meeting space: Board Room

Perfect for: When you need to impress clients, give a sales presentation, or hold large client meetings, a board room is fit for the task. Hold your executive meetings in this comfortable venue and you will set the tone for the meetings and the future of your business.

What it offers: YourOffice Ballantyne board rooms give you the latest videoconferencing capabilities, high-definition televisions, and impressive multimedia technology.

Meeting space: Seminar Room

Perfect for: Seminar rooms are the best choice for those who need a meeting room that holds a large number of people. Seminar rooms are used by public speakers and those looking to hold training sessions and can be adapted to fit the needs of any business.

What it offers: Seminar rooms offer “wall to wall” whiteboards, a ceiling mounted projector, 100” projection screen, and six ceiling mounted speakers. Everything you need is set up and ready to go, but if your business has special requirements, YourOffice Ballantyne’s staff is on hand for assistance.

Be Fully Engaged with YourOffice Ballantyne Meeting Spaces

When you finally ditch the traditional office setting for a virtual office space instead, you are granted ultimate flexibility. However, you still occasionally need to meet with clients, employees, and various individuals. Fortunately, YourOffice Ballantyne’s meeting spaces offer a solution. Now, it is easier than ever to get down to business and project the professional image that you want. No matter what unique needs your business has, YourOffice Ballantyne’s meeting spaces can set you up for success.

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