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Holiday Benefits of Virtual Offices

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Working during the holidays is never fun. With a virtual office, however, you can make your holiday season as stress-free and flexible as you want. No more missed holiday events or getting stranded on the way to work. With a virtual office you’re free to make your own hours and enjoy more time with family. The benefits of working from a virtual office are numerous but here are some of our favorite holiday reasons!

1. Longer Vacations

When you have a virtual office you have a distinct advantage when it comes to vacation days. Not only are you already home, but you can plan your time off for the best travel times or when that family Christmas party is set to kick off. You can also work while preparing for specific holidays. Need to get the side dishes ready for Christmas dinner? You can cook earlier while working and not lose any time later when you want to spend quality time with your family.

2. No Holiday Traffic

Holiday traffic is notoriously awful. Especially when you’re on the same work timeline as everyone else. Driving during rush hour is particularly bad during the holidays and Christmas shopping on the weekends can be brutal. Thankfully when you work from a virtual office you can decide when and if you’ll be on the roads at all. Need to go Christmas shopping? Why not go in the middle of a Tuesday to avoid those crazy crowds? And instead of driving through the massive rush hour traffic, you can sleep in and get started working before most of your colleagues have even made it into the office.

3. Creative Hours

This is one of the greatest benefits of a virtual office all year round. During the holidays, however, it’s particularly beneficial. With a virtual office you make your own hours. Want to spend the day ice skating with your children? No problem. You can work in the evenings or early morning hours to make up for it. Last minute lunch date with a family member who is in town for a short time? You can work around it without hassle. Working from a virtual office can allow you to make your holiday season exactly what you want it to be.

4. No Missing Holiday Events

This is very similar to the creative holiday hours. When you work from a virtual office you can go to as many or as few holiday events as you’d like. With a virtual office, even if there are several events in a row that require travel, you can creatively structure your time and availability so that you don’t have to miss anything.

5. No Weather Worries

The holidays are notorious for difficult and messy weather. Commuters everywhere end up getting stranded during bad weather while traveling to and from work. With a virtual office you have no need to travel during the worst of the weather no matter how much work you have to do. No matter where you are (even stuck with your in-laws!), you’re still able to answer those urgent emails and finish up that important project without worrying about snow tires or ice scrapers.


Working from a virtual office allows you to structure your work life around your home and family life instead of the other way around. This is especially important during the holidays when you’re pulled in so many different directions. With a virtual office you can take the stress out of the season and enjoy every minute to the fullest.

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