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Individual Offices Versus Team Offices

team offices vs individual office spaceThere is no doubt that our work environment plays a large role in our productivity throughout the day. Whether you’re working in a team office setting or have an individual office to yourself, the goal is to have a space that helps you operate at peak performance. Here are the benefits and drawbacks of individual and team office settings to help you decide which one is right for you.

Individual Offices

Individual offices have been the standard for a long time and only recently have businesses considered open work settings in an attempt to spur creativity and production. However, individual offices can be a better option for certain companies and their employees.

Benefits of Individual Offices

Individual Accountability: When you work alone, it’s easy to be accountable for both your achievements and your mistakes. Many employees prefer this accountability to the ambiguity of team efforts.

Increased Focus: Many personalities benefit from the quiet and secluded space that individual offices offer. Places such as YourOffice Ballantyne offer the perfect work environment with fully furnished offices that will help keep you focused. In addition, they also offer two months free rent so that you can save while increasing your productivity.

Less Likely to Create Conflicts: Team offices can easily become a source of conflict for certain personalities and it is therefore more beneficial to have an individual office space for certain employees. Those who have their own workspace can feel more relaxed and less frustrated with other employees whom they may have conflicts with.

Drawbacks of Individual Offices

Reduced Motivation: One might think that not having any outside distractions would lead to better performance. While that may be true for some, employees may need the help of others to spur them on and rely on group settings for increased engagement.

Lack of Resources: Individual offices means that you don’t get the benefit of others easily assisting you and working closely together to produce the best ideas. Pooling your resources and ideas can be key to producing the best outcome and individual offices may risk losing this.

Decreased Team Mentality: Many employees find that feeling as though they are part of a team plays a huge role in their motivation and productivity. Individual offices can distance themselves from other employees and feel less like a team.

Team Offices

There are plenty of personalities that actually benefit from team offices rather than individual ones, and open office settings have become increasingly popular over the years. Many claim that team offices facilitate a creative environment, while others say that team office settings can hinder work performance.

Benefits of Team Offices

Better Collaboration: Sharing ideas and collaborating with others is much easier in a team office environment.

Increased Engagement: Employees who share a team office can be more engaged than if they were working alone. According to the Workplace Research Foundation, highly engaged employees are 38 percent more likely to have above average productivity.

Improved Employee Relations: Relations between employees can become stronger in a team office setting.

Drawbacks of Team Offices

Opportunity to Become Distracted: Personalities that are easily distracted may find team offices detrimental to their work productivity.

Less Autonomy: Working in a team office means that you will have to be conscious of others’ needs. This can limit your freedom and ability to do what you want with your workspace.

Less Individual Credit/Reward: Achievements that one individual might make can be overlooked in a team environment and have a tendency to be spread out among employees. While the same thing can be said for mistakes as well, many employees thrive off being singled out for their achievements.

Which Office Space Is Right For You?

There have been many debates over whether working in a team office setting or having your own individual office allows for better performance in the workplace. The fact is that both have their unique benefits and drawbacks. YourOffice Ballantyne can give you the opportunity to discover which one works best for you and offers two free months of office space for new applicants. Whether you’re working in a team office setting or have your own individual office, the goal is to be as productive as possible, and YourOffice Ballantyne can help you find the perfect office space.


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