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Office Space: How to Find Your Company’s First Digs

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Setting up a successful company is both stressful and exciting, especially if it’s your first dive into the world of building up a business. There are certain milestones to certainly be proud of, like your first big-time client, or your one hundredth sale. But, there is another milestone that also takes time and delegation: your company’s first digs! The office, the work place, it’s where the magic can really starts happening and makes your business feel even more legit.

So, what goes into a company’s first office suite? How can you find one that works for your company? Here’s some advice that should help you during this big event.

  • Office space can be tricky because of competition, prices, and space, so finding the right kind is crucial. This is going to be a space where your business is going to grow so you have to make sure it is something that you really like.
  • Ask around your network for open office suites looking for new companies. Maybe you can even strike up a deal on your first month’s rent or negotiate a lower offer because of a potential referral.
  • Before diving in, know what kinds of features, amenities, and “extras” you would want out of your office suite space. Do you want big windows? Secluded areas for employees? Create a list of some ideal features and try to see if any local office spaces meet any or all of the criteria.
  • How big do you need it to be? Or maybe you just need a small space for now. Whatever the case, you’re going to want to find a place you can definitely find yourself (and your company) growing into.

Besides looking for your first office suite, there is also something else to know and that is all the different kinds of office space available to you. When it comes to a brand new company, small business, or even a solopreneur venture, you’re going to want to go with something along the lines of an executive office suite. Why? Here are some answers below.

  • The executive office space is going to provide the best space, features, and opportunities for your money. You’ve already have other expenses to worry about, so your office space needs to be flexible while still providing a professional area for you to work.
  • You get to choose the type of services you want while also getting things like a kitchenette, full office equipment, customized furniture for your business needs, janitorial services, and so much more. You’re serious about your business and your executive office space should reflect that.

It’s a big leap to get your own office space but the benefits are well worth it. Getting your own executive space means higher growth of your company, so why not get started on looking for your new digs today?

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