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3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Renting Office Space in Charlotte

Choosing the right office space in Charlotte can be a stressful and challenging decision.  A lot is riding on whether or not you have picked the right space.  When you first go look at office space it may seem like the perfect fit, but there are several questions you should ask yourself before renting office space in Charlotte.

Is there room to grow?

A lot of small businesses start out just like the name implies; small.  Your business may even be a solopreneurship, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t looking to grow and expand over the next few months and years.  Many landlords want to lock you into a space for several years, and unless you can afford big space right off the bat, you’ll be stuck in a small space.  If you plan on growing then you must take this into consideration, and you may be better off looking for more flexible office space.

Is the location prime?

The location of your office space is obviously crucial, and there are several ways to look at it, and this is really a 3 part question.

First off, is it a prime location for you and your current employees?  You may find the perfect space but if you and your employees have to drive across town in traffic everyday you’ll get over it real quick.  Make sure that it is in a convenient area for the majority of the key employees.  It’s also important to consider what is around the office. You may find the perfect spot but it can feel like you’re in the middle of the desert.  Having nice scenery, walking trails, lunch spots, and restaurants for happy hour after work can all help boost employee moral.

Secondly, you should ask yourself if the location is attractive to potential hires?  There’s a reason that certain areas around the country become known for an industry e.g. Silicon Valley for tech, or Madison Ave for advertisers.  This happens because most of the workforce is there, and companies want to be able to attract the right employees.  Consider who you might be hiring in the future and where they work and play.  If you’re in that area, your business will be more alluring.

The third and final reason you have to consider location is for your clients; is the space convenient for clients?  Having office space that is around your clients makes it easy for them to connect and meet with you.  It’s nearly impossible to get office space that will be near every single client, but you can get office space that is close to major highways or not far from the airport if you have a lot of out of town clients.  Even though technology is making it easier to meet, nothing can replace a face-to-face meeting.

What are the hidden costs?

You may go look at space, hear the price and want to jump on it right away because it sounds like a great deal. And then the hidden costs come rolling in.  Consider every possible hidden cost, and ask about them before you sign anything.  Some hidden costs are things like utilities, construction, parking, internet and furniture.  More and more businesses are shifting to shared office space to help reduce these costs, or executive office suites because there may not be anything hidden.  Oftentimes you can even get a live receptionist that isn’t even on your payroll.

Finding the perfect office space in Charlotte can be possible, but it also might take some time and it will certainly require some research.  You have to consider where you business is at, how fast it is growing, and the direction you are headed in when you are renting office space.  There are several things to consider besides size and price.  Take your time and find what fits your business the best.  The last thing you want is to be stuck in a long-term lease, in office space that isn’t right for your business, or that you just flat out can’t stand.

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