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When to Rent a Meeting Space

Whether your company has 20 employees or you’re a solo entrepreneur working from home, your business can greatly benefit by renting a meeting space. Renting a professional meeting space is not only cost-effective, but it can solve some common dilemmas that every company can find itself facing.

Do the following scenarios sound familiar to you? If so, there are plenty of meeting spaces in YourOffice Ballantyne that are designed to meet your company’s unique needs:

You’re Tired of Meeting Clients in Coffee Shops

If you’re a home-based professional, there may be times when you need to meet with a potential client face to face. What appears more professional—meeting them in a coffee shop or in a business-ready day office that has everything you need, without the noisy sounds of coffee being made?

YourOffice Ballantyne has business-ready day offices that can hold up to four people and that are available to rent by the hour, day, week, month, or year. Fully furnished with hands-free speakerphone and high-speed internet included.

You Need to Nail Your Sales Presentation

After you convince a client to hear your sales presentation, the pressure is on. If you want to give a killer sales presentation and close the deal, you need the right technology and professional meeting space.

The solution? YOB’s exterior conference room. Allowing up to six people, this meeting space can be rented by the hour or day and has plenty of natural light to get people in a good mood. It also has everything you need to nail your presentation, including 52″ Hi-Def wall-mounted LCD display for PC inputs and Hi-Def videoconferencing.

Your Current Office Isn’t Getting Your Creative Juices Flowing

We’ve all experienced those times when our motivation seems to be failing or our current work environment simply isn’t conducive to brainstorming sessions.

YourOffice Ballantyne has interior office spaces that are ideal for holding quiet brainstorming sessions with your team. These spaces hold up to six people and can be rented by the hour or day. With a whiteboard, a portable 50” display for multimedia presentations, high-speed wi-fi, and speakerphone for audio conferences, this room has everything you need to get the creative juices flowing.

You Want a Professional Space to Hold Large Client Meetings

If you’re meeting with a large group of clients, you can’t exactly cram everyone into your day office. For these types of meetings, renting a boardroom by the hour or day is a practical solution.

YOB’s boardrooms can hold up to 12 people and include custom-built conference tables with AC power at the table top, a 70” wall-mounted display for your PC presentations, high-speed wired or wi-fi internet connectivity, Polycom hands-free speakerphone, and Polycom Hi-Def videoconferencing equipment. Everything you need to impress your clients and hold productive meetings!

Your Office Isn’t Big Enough to Hold a Training Seminar

Want to make your next training seminar a success? Then you need the perfect seminar room that has the right equipment and technology.

At YourOffice Ballantyne, we have seminar rooms that can fit up to 40 people and that can be rented for half a day or an entire day. Equipped with a wall-to-wall whiteboard, ceiling-mounted projector, 100″ projection screen and six ceiling mounted-speakers, it gives you the tools you need to be seen and heard.

Have specific seating requirements? Let us know and we can configure our seminar rooms exactly how you want. That way, you can focus on holding a successful training session and leave the details to us!

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The benefits of renting a meeting space are endless. Whether you’re looking for a meeting space to brainstorm with your team or require a space to meet with clients, YourOffice Ballantyne has the ideal meeting space for you. Contact us now and let us show you what you’re missing out on!

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