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Something For Everyone

When I’m not spending my time at YourOffice-Ballantyne, I like to get out and experience some of the things going on around Charlotte.  One of the reasons I like the Charlotte area is because of the wide variety of things to do.  Between the professional sports, Whitewater center, parks, restaurants, and all the music venues, there is always something to do.

3 Things To Do in Charlotte This Weekend-

I mentioned  in my last post  that I love to check to find things to do. It certainly came through once again. I checked it this morning, and I found a cool event for the 21+ crowd.  If you are into Scotch you should out what the Scotch Society of Ballantyne has got going on this weekend. Seating is limited, and it’s $40 a person, but the Gallery restaurant is going to be a lot of fun tomorrow night.  Send them a quick email to see if seating is still available and come on down to the “Bourbon is Back” event this Saturday at 6pm.

Another reason I love living in Charlotte is the music scene.  I always considered Charlotte a great city to see bands, and that couldn’t be more true than right now.  The city already had a number of venues, but it’s even better with the recent addition of the NC Music Factory, the Knitting Factory and others.  Not only are there a ton of venues in town, there’s tons of different music genres.  Whether you like rap, country, pop, folk, rock, or any else, you’ll find it somewhere in Charlotte.  Check out the recommended shows happening in Charlotte this weekend according to Creative Loafing. It’s always fun to go check out a new artist, or cool to see a new venue.  You can catch acts on the rise in hip new venues, and legendary acts in places like the Double Door.

Another great thing to do this weekend, and a reason that Charlotte is a great city for families, are all the things going on at the library. They have tons of free stuff to do for people of all ages. There’s literacy activities, writer’s groups, book clubs, and tons of other stuff. The Charlotte-Mecklenburg library website is a great place to find things to do.

As I wrote in the past, Charlotte isn’t only a great city for entrepreneurs, it’s a city that has something for everybody. If you like to get outdoors you’ll find stuff all over the region, and the weather is great to boot.  There’s tons of golf, pro sports, museums, restaurants and music venues. I’m sure you’ll find something fun to do this weekend in Charlotte.

Come back and let me know what places you explored…

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