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Why Startups Should Consider Executive Suites

Ballantyne Executive SuitesStartups and entrepreneurs have unique needs when it comes to office space. The initial cost of setting up office space, as well as the rapidly changing needs of your company, can make choosing the right space somewhat difficult. Executive suites offer the best of both worlds when it comes to office space. Not only do you get a prestigious address and a professional office but you can also tailor it to your company’s changing needs.


Flexibility is a must when it comes to startups. New companies have tremendous growth potential, and the inability to rapidly change your office space can seriously hamper a new company’s success. Executive office suites are an excellent option that can allow for quick expansion or rapid downsizing if necessary. This type of flexibility will ensure that your company won’t be stuck with too little (or too much!) space no matter what happens.

Prestigious Address/Location

When looking for your very first office space, it can be difficult to find a location that is both good for your budget and in a decent location. Ballantyne Executive Suites is located in the prestigious Ballantyne Corporate Park in the Ballantyne area of Charlotte. Not only will you save money by opting for an executive suite, but you will also be located in a prime area that will impress your clients and help propel your business forward.


Having administrative professionals at your disposal can truly make or break a young company. Hiring someone to answer phones and complete administrative work can be costly, however, especially when you consider salary, benefits, vacation, sick leave, health insurance, and training. When you have an executive suite, however, receptionist services are provided for you without the additional strain on your bottom line.

Furniture and Equipment

There are numerous costs that come with setting up office space, but one of the most often overlooked expenses is purchasing the necessary equipment and furniture. Whether it’s fax machines or waiting room chairs, furniture and other equipment can really add up. With executive suites you don’t have to worry about any of those expenses since they are all provided for you as well. Office furniture, fax machines, photocopiers, and more are all ready and waiting for you the minute you arrive at no additional cost.


Maintaining any type of office space can be extremely costly no matter how you look at it. Security and janitorial services, utilities, repairs and other time-consuming necessities can really drain your resources. Executive office space is often fully managed and fully serviced without the need for you to take time or money away from your growing business.

Ballantyne Executive Suites is uniquely prepared to help your startup grow and succeed without the hassle and expense of traditional office space. So if you’re looking for a place that will meet your company’s ever-changing needs, why not take a look and see what we have to offer? We may be just what your business needs to propel it to the next level.

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