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The Best Layouts For Your Next South Charlotte Meeting

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4 Layouts to Consider for Your Perfect Conference Room Meeting

 When planning a meeting, the room layout is an important factor to consider just as the topic you’re discussing or the length of the meeting. The right conference room arrangement can help your meeting go smoother and be more productive.

Here’s four different styles to choose from based on such factors as whether or not you’ll be doing a presentation, whether you’ll be collaborating with the group, and more. Here’s what YourOffice-Ballantyne offers for your perfect conference room configuration.

  1. Classroom Style

This configuration includes several rows of conference tables facing the front of the room. If you’re doing a presentation, this type of setup is ideal because it enables people to take notes and easily refer to any material you’ve handed out.

The classroom configuration shouldn’t be considered for a collaborative event, but will be a great choice for a presentation that may be lengthier or have numerous materials.

  1. The Theatre Configuration

Think of this as a classroom configuration but without the tables, only chairs. Seats can be arranged to face the front of the room for the speaker or presentation.

The theatre seating option is best for when the meeting is large and there will be no materials, notes, or refreshments. The Theatre configuration is designed to keep the audience focused on the front of the room and is ideal for shorter periods of time.

  1. A U-Shaped Conference Layout

For this particular configuration, you can arrange tables in a horseshoe shape with chairs on the outside. For meetings where there is a presentation but the participants will be contributing or collaborating, this layout works well.

A U-shaped configuration works well for smaller groups that will be discussing or interacting with each other. This layout will also provide room for reference materials, notes, and workspace. 

  1. The Boardroom

When you have a smaller group that will be collaborating, the boardroom style is a great option. You can arrange tables individually with chairs around them for smaller discussion groups or meetings.

If you’re making a presentation, this layout shouldn’t be your first choice, but it does encourage interaction and provide workspace for an audience with more intimate groups.

Which Meeting Space is Best for You?

Deciding on the best setup for your conference room can set the stage for a productive, well-designed meeting that’s bound to capture the attention of your audience.

YourOffice Ballantyne can further discuss which option will be best for your specific meeting. Get in touch with us today.


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