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Three Home Office Distractions

Having your own home office comes with many perks that can appear ideal to anyone who works a typical nine-to-five job. Unfortunately, those who work in a home office also face a large number of struggles that can keep them from being productive.

House Distractions

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Having a job that allows you to work remotely means that many of us set up work in the comfort of our own homes. While this may seem relaxing to those on the outside, it can actually be even more distracting than a typical work office filled with employees. Whether it is your family members or roommates, chances are good that you do not live alone and are not always guaranteed peace and quiet. Unlike at an office setting where everyone is diligently working, your house or apartment may be a huge source of distraction because your housemates aren’t working when they are home. You can avoid this problem by finding places such as YourOffice Ballantyne that allow you to rent fully furnished office spaces. This will let you enjoy your peace and quiet at prices that are flexible (you can even get two months free rent).

Uncomfortable Office Setting

An often underestimated distraction that many of us deal with in home offices is air temperature. Air that is too hot can cause you to fall asleep. Air that is too cold causes you to shiver excessively and you are only focused on getting warm rather than work. Many studies have been conducted detailing the exact temperature for increased productivity and comfort, but this can also vary widely depending on the individual. Other factors in our home offices can make it uncomfortable as well, including chairs that can cause severe back pain or worsen poor posture. You can help combat uncomfortable home office settings by moving around at regular intervals, stretching, and investing in an ergonomic office chair.

Personal Accountability

Arguably one of the most difficult distractions that those who telecommute face is themselves. Having personal accountability is a must for anyone who sets their own schedule and/or works from home. The lack of supervision makes it difficult to control our urges to procrastinate. Some of the problems that come from working at a home office include:

  • Allowing social media to cut into your work time.
  • Sleeping in because there is no need to be anywhere at a certain time.
  • Doing household chores or other duties as a distraction from work.

These problems can all be lessened by setting aside certain times that allow you to browse social media and do housework and vowing to stick rigidly to these times. Also, it is better to set your alarm clock and treat your work as if you work at an office that requires you to be there at specific business hours.

Eliminate Home Office Distractions

We can’t get rid of social media completely (and many of our jobs require it), nor can we control what our family members do in their downtime at home. However, we can take certain steps to help eliminate home office distractions to keep us on track and not allow them to disrupt our work. You can look into renting your own executive office space at YourOffice Ballantyne to remove these distractions and boost your productivity.


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