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Tips on How to Find the Right Office

Have you decided to take the leap and hang out your own shingle? If so, I say congratulations and welcome to the journey called entrepreneurship! I have been an entrepreneur for a long time and I know that every business is different. You might be a recently liberated solopreneur, an established small firm, an executive looking to establish a satellite office. Either way, here are some tips on how to find the right office space that will fit your needs and make your organization shine!

Location, Location, Location

They say location is the most important thing. When you are searching for executive office space, location is going to be huge. You not only want to make sure that the new office is easy to get to for both you and your clients, you also want to make sure you get to spend your days in a pleasing environment.

When shopping for office space be sure to take these general location traits into consideration:

  • What will my commute be?
  • Can my clients get here easily?
  • Do I have easy access to highways, or airport or downtown? – what ever is important to you!

And also dive deep and get specific about your location:

  • Is it an area my business can be proud of?
  • Are there good lunch options nearby?
  • Is the building well kept, well lit and clean?
  • How is the walk from the building to the parking lot?
  • Are there things to do near the office?

Asking these more specific questions will help you to determine if the office space will increase your quality of life. Even though we are entrepreneurs, we know that life is to be enjoyed and that working to live is much better than living to work! Be sure to enjoy the area where you will be spending most of your days!

Staffing and Service

When you are looking for office space, especially executive or shared office space, it is extremely important to know the level of service and staff support you can expect from the office provider. When you are comparing different locations and providers you need to make sure you are comparing apples-to-apples. Some providers will advertise a very low price and you won’t realize that the office doesn’t include a phone or internet service until after you move in.

Be sure to compare staffing and service levels before you move in by paying attention to these:

  • How many staff will be on-site?
  • Is there beverage service or is that extra?
  • Is the office fully furnished?
  • Do I have access to meeting and conference rooms?
  • What are the fees for telephone, internet or office supplies?
  • Can I get administrative help if I need it?
  • Are utilities included?

Asking these questions will help you to make sure you are making apples-to-apples comparisons when comparing executive office space providers. Don’t get stuck with hidden fees, do your homework before you sign anything!

Amenities & Atmosphere

Wile a great location and superior service levels can certainly be seen as amenities, I think you should take notice of some other things when trying to decide which office space is right for you. You are going to spend significant amounts of time in and around your office space so you want be sure it is a space you are going to enjoy. You should elevate your search above just the essentials of telephony packages and 24 hour access and look at how the space you make you feel and represent your business.

Here are some things to consider when examining the amenities and atmosphere of shared office space:

  • What are the other tenants like?
  • What is the feel of the space – is it modern and contemporary or dark wood and old worldly? Which is better for you?
  • Will my clients feel welcomed in this space?
  • Is there a fitness center nearby?
  • Does the office space come with any memberships like a discount club?
  • How good is the coffee?
  • Are there fun things like nice restaurants, shopping or golfing nearby?

It is important to remember some key things when you are shopping for executive office space. All of the questions listed out above will help you to make the right decision for you and your company. I highly advise you to examine not only how your office space will represent your company but how you and your clients will be treated and the amenities and atmosphere of the office and the surrounding area outside your new building.

All of these traits will have an affect on the quality of your life because your office is someplace you are going to go to almost everyday….make sure you choose a place with a great location, where you will be treated right and where a fun world exists right outside your door.

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