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Top 3 Things to Know about Video Conferences

If your business isn’t using the latest video conferencing technology, now is the time to look into it. Every day, business executives use video conferencing to connect with employees, clients, and other important individuals. Video conferencing is vital to many companies who have virtual offices or those who need to connect with others while they are on the move. If you are considering the use of video conferencing in your business operations, there are three key things that you should know:virtual

  • They Can Save You Both Time and Money

One of the ultimate benefits of video conferences is that they save everyone time and money. Business owners are always looking for ways to cut down on their expenses, and video conferencing technology can achieve this goal:

Cut travel costs: The price of gas is always in flux and you never know when prices may spike. Even when gas prices are low, plane tickets abroad are not cheap. In fact, even paying for economy parking can have a significant impact on your wallet. Video conferencing capabilities save both clients and business owners money by reducing travel expenses.

Reduce time spent traveling: Instead of traveling long distances to meet with employees and clients, video conferences allow you to meet virtually. This not only reduces the time spent traveling, but it also reduces the headache of travel reimbursements for employees.

  • They Allow You to Recruit the Best and the Brightest Employees

With video conferencing technology, businesses are no longer required to find capable employees in their area. Instead, they are able to recruit the best suited candidates for the job from all over the world. Many businesses are now looking at virtual office solutions that come with video conferencing technology so they can have ultimate flexibility in every aspect of their business. Connecting with your workforce while you are on the move is no doubt a valuable asset to your business and it takes the hassle out of gathering all employees in one specific area for a meeting.

  • Video Conferences Can Increase Productivity

When it comes to business meetings, meeting face to face is critical. This is because participants are more engaged when they are able to see facial expressions and add their input to the meeting. However, meeting in person isn’t always an option for some companies. This is where video conferences come in handy. With video conferences, employees and clients are more attentive because they don’t want to misunderstand body language or tone of voice. With everyone fully engaged, your business’s productivity level is guaranteed to increase significantly.

Video Conferencing Can Benefit Your Business

Technology undoubtedly plays a vital role in a business’s success, and video conferences can make your business meetings productive and cost efficient. Those who aren’t tech savvy don’t need to worry. YourOffice Ballantyne offers virtual office solutions and executive suites that come fully equipped with the latest video conferencing technology. With this technology already set up, your business can spend time focusing on the important issues. Take advantage of the many benefits that video conferences have to offer and contact YourOffice Ballantyne today!

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