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Do Virtual Offices Help Attract Gen Y Workers?

gen y workersAs Generation Y comes of age, more business owners are becoming aware of the fact that this generation, also known as the Millennials, is not like any other generation previously seen in the workforce. Those on the cutting edge of the changing times understand that in order to stay competitive they need to learn how to attract, and hold onto, this innovative and sometimes unpredictable generation.

Virtual offices have a lot of distinct advantages when it comes to attracting Generation Y. Flexibility, autonomy, and cutting edge technology are all highly valued by this generation and virtual offices are fully capable of delivering where it counts.

An Unprecedented Affinity For Technology

Millennials have grown up with technology constantly at their fingertips and they’ve learned to adapt to its rapid development and ever changing abilities.  Starting with the internet and email, and subsequently progressing to smart phones and social media, Millennials have seen it all from the time that they were very young. With this unprecedented affinity for technology, Millennials tend to come into the workforce with unique skills as well as high expectations.

High Expectations For Employers

Millennials take technology for granted in some ways since it’s all they’ve ever known. If an employer does not have the most up to date technology or if they have outdated policies regarding smart phones or social media, Millennials may decide that the company is not the best fit for them. Even in a difficult job market Millennials choose to be particular.

They may take a job at an “outdated” company if there is nothing else available, but they will also have one foot out the door, ready to spring at a better or more up to date opportunity when it presents itself. Since business owners generally like to hold on to their employees for more than a year or two this can be problematic.

Millennials Will Soon Make Up The Majority Of Employees

As a business owner it may be tempting to dismiss the quirks of this generation as immaturity and something that will pass with time. This is a dangerous assumption however, since it’s becoming apparent that the value of  is increasing, as opposed to decreasing, as they become more prevalent in the work place.

The most competitive and successful businesses are learning to adapt to the changing face of the workforce through innovation and particularly with the use of virtual offices.

How Can A Virtual Office Attract Generation Y?

Virtual offices have a lot to offer when it comes to the unique demands of Millennials. With a virtual office, Millennials have the opportunity to work independently, and with either their own technology, or the cutting edge technology that is offered in most virtual offices. Millennials understand that in order for a business to thrive today they have to value technology and innovation and with virtual offices they can do just that.

Adjusting The Workplace

With each generation the face of the workforce changes and adapts to the values and personality of the majority. Generation Y is not going anywhere anytime soon, and if businesses expect to succeed and thrive amidst this new wave of talented young workers, they’ll have to adjust their thinking to include the unique expectations of this new demographic.

The businesses that are adopting virtual offices and telecommuting, will remain successful long after the dust has settled on traditional offices, and a new type of workplace has taken its place. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be on the cutting edge of the changing workforce, check out what a virtual office can do for your business today.


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