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Want to Start a Business in Charlotte?

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Looking to start a small business this year? Well, it’s already May. What’s holding you back? Maybe you’ve already started a business but you haven’t had as much success as you know your company is capable of. Thankfully May 2015 is Small Business Month in Charlotte and there are numerous events to help you succeed whether you’re a brand new entrepreneur or a seasoned small business owner.

What is Small Business Month?

Charlotte is a hub for small businesses in the United States and it’s only getting better. In order to join the rest of the nation in recognizing small businesses, Mayor Dan Clodfelter has declared May to be Small Business Month. There are countless events geared towards aiding entrepreneurs and small businesses as well as awards, seminars, and celebrations to make the most of honoring the backbone of our country. Here are a couple of the best events this month:

Simple Steps for Starting Your Business #1 Start-Up Basics

This is a two-hour seminar that takes place at Packard Place in Charlotte on May 19th from 5:45pm to 7:45pm. This seminar helps you to evaluate whether or not your idea can be turned into a feasible business and also to help with the basics of developing Marketing and Business Plans. A workbook is also provided during the course which will give more extensive information on plans, implementation, and funding. For more information please contact Charlotte SCORE’s Bill Gill at 704-344-6576 or you can also visit the main page here.

Simple Steps for Starting Your Business: SCORE and the Library

The South County Regional Library will be jumping on the bandwagon of informative events for Small Business Month as well. On May 19th from 5:30-7:30pm the library will be hosting a free seminar to help with developing your business, writing an effective business plan, and how to use SCORE and other support services. The seminar will also illustrate how the free library research services will help you to collect excellent information on competitors, potential clients, supplies, and any other important market or small business data. Simply register here to get started.


Small businesses are what drives our great nation. If you’ve been thinking about taking the plunge into entrepreneurship but haven’t been sure where to start, the events of Charlotte’s Small Business Month can help give you the tools and confidence to make your idea a reality!

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