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What Do Investors Do?

While most people have heard of investors, many people do not have a good understanding of what investors actually do and how they can significantly help entrepreneurs grow their business. It can be difficult for entrepreneurs to raise business capital to expand their business and take it to the next level. With the help of investors, entrepreneurs can acquire much-needed funding for their small business that will put them on the path to success.

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Most entrepreneurs will need to acquire business capital to see their small business grow exponentially, and business loans may not be the right path for some. In this case, they might turn to investors to make their plans a reality. But what exactly do investors do? To answer this, we will need to describe what an investor is. An investor is a person who commits money or resources with the expectation of financial gain in return. Investors who invest in small businesses and startups play an important role in helping those businesses achieve success through funding.

Types of Investors

There are many different kinds of investors that can provide funding for a small business or startup. Entrepreneurs should weigh the pros and cons of different types of investors before deciding to seek funding from one.

Angel Investors

Angel investors tend to be affluent individuals who provide capital for startups that they believe have potential. In return, the angel investor typically receives ownership equity or debt repayment. While angel investors invest in startups that are considered “high risk,” this doesn’t mean they will invest in any small business. Entrepreneurs will need to craft a persuasive business plan to convince angel investors to commit their capital to them.

Venture Capitalists

When your company has a lot of potential for growth, a venture capitalist may be a good fit. Venture capitalists invest equity capital in startup ventures and may even provide managerial and technical expertise as well. However, venture capitalists are seeking not only a return on investment. Oftentimes, they are looking to add value to your company and may want more control in the company’s business plans.

Private Equity

Private equity can cover a wide range of investment types by wealthy individuals who make investments directly into private companies. It is often associated with companies who are in need of funding to revitalize their business and boost their growth. Private equity funds are more attracted to established businesses rather than startups.

Teaming Up With the Right Investor

Angel investors and venture capitalist firms hear pitches from startups all the time. For this reason, it is critical that you come to the meeting table ready. Prepare a list of questions to ask potential financial partners, including what their typical investment amount looks like, who they co-invest with, what the process includes, what their relationships with previous companies are like, and the types of companies they are interested in funding.

Invest in Your Business at Ballantyne

As an entrepreneur, you have invested both time and money into your business in the hopes of seeing it succeed. While investors may be a valuable source of funding to startups, entrepreneurs will need to make their own sacrifices so that investors see how committed they are to their business’s success. You can invest in your own business by operating out of YourOffice Ballantyne’s professional offices and meeting spaces. Contact us today and find out how you can save money and find an office space that fits perfectly into your business plan!

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