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Why You Need a Virtual Receptionist

virtual receptionist

When launching a new business or growing an existing one, a virtual receptionist may not be the first thing on your list of priorities. You may feel that you’re perfectly capable of answering the phone on your own and the clients would rather speak directly to you anyway. However, a virtual receptionist has many more benefits than someone to just answer your calls. A virtual receptionist may even end up being just the thing that your business needs to take it to that next level of success.


This is an often overlooked benefit of a virtual receptionist. If you have someone who can answer all your client calls and weed out any solicitors or time-wasters you will have the freedom to not be interrupted from your actual work. If the person calling is actually an important customer the virtual receptionist can make sure it’s transferred to you immediately. You can also be sure that your client won’t call on your mobile when you’re distracted or on the train.

Reduced Cost

If you already know that a receptionist would really help your business then you may also be aware of the cost of a full time receptionist. With a full time receptionist you have to pay a full salary and benefits which can be cost prohibitive no matter how desperately you need someone to answer your phones. With a virtual receptionist, however, you can have someone to answer your phone professionally and efficiently for a fraction of the cost of a full time employee.

Extra Services

A virtual receptionist can also offer more than simple telephone answering services. Often times they can handle faxes and mail handling services as well. This means that almost any of the business needs that you might have can be handled by your virtual receptionist without the hassle and expense of hiring more and more full time employees to handle the job. If you’re not constantly being distracted by time-consuming tasks such as mail handling, faxes, and numerous customer inquiries you’ll have more time to take care of the other aspects of your business that can help keep it running efficiently.

Brand Image

This is a benefit that definitely cannot be overlooked. Brand image is an extremely important aspect of any successful business. The virtual receptionist is professionally trained to use impeccable customer service etiquette and to have exceptional call-handling skills. So you can rest assured that all of your incoming calls are being handled properly and efficiently and that your company is being represented in a professional manner that will impress your clients and give your company’s image a boost.


A virtual receptionist could be just the push your business needs to take it to the next level. Whether you need someone to answer your phone professionally or help with fax or mail handling services a virtual receptionist can handle all of your business needs. A virtual receptionist will also lend an air of legitimacy to your business that it may not otherwise have if you’re simply answering client calls on your mobile. Why not consider a virtual receptionist today? You’ll be glad you did.

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