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Your Office Ballantyne by The Numbers

Ballantyne Executive Suites

Finding the perfect office space may seem like a difficult task, but it doesn’t have to be. YourOffice Ballantyne offers fully furnished work spaces, meeting rooms, and virtual office solutions that are designed with your productivity in mind. To give you a better sense of what YourOffice Ballantyne has to offer, we have broken down your future office by the numbers:

81 Plug and Play Offices

Many people underestimate the effect an office environment can have on their productivity. A study by the Journal of Public Affairs, Administration and Management found that office design has an enormous impact on how much effort you put in at work. Rooms that are well lit and have a comfortable spatial arrangement of furniture may be the key to workplace success. At YourOffice Ballantyne, you can choose from 81 fully furnished offices that are customized to fulfill your business needs. With your choice of window, interior, single and team room configurations, you can be sure to find the right layout to boost your productivity.

5 Business-Ready Meeting Rooms

Five well-appointed meeting rooms means that you can easily get your meetings off to a productive start. These meeting rooms come with the best technology, including high-definition flat screens, PC projection, touch-screen controls, wireless high-speed Internet access, teleconferencing, and real-time high-definition videoconferencing. These five meeting rooms can suit every company’s needs:

Day Office: Need a professional space to hang out between meetings? The day office is the perfect solution for a private space to meet with clients or prospects. Rent it by the hour or for the entire day in order to close that crucial business deal.

Interior Conference and Meeting Room: The best ideas can come by meeting with others and brainstorming in a place where you won’t be disturbed. YourOffice Ballantyne’s interior conference and meeting room is the ideal space for small groups to meet and plan.

Exterior Conference and Meeting Room: Having all the right technology at your fingertips is incredibly useful when it comes to getting work done. The exterior conference and meeting room allows you to hold small client meetings or deliver sales presentations.

Board Room: If you’re looking to impress your clients, YourOffice Ballantyne’s boardroom is the answer. Holding up to 12 people, this boardroom has all the latest technology to ensure that your presentation is a success.

Seminar Room: With room for up to 40 people, the seminar room is the perfect place for large gatherings and is equipped with a wall-to-wall whiteboard, ceiling mounted projector, 100″ projection screen, and six ceiling-mounted speakers. YourOffice Ballantyne is more than happy to work with you to configure the room so that it meets your business needs.

2 Café/Galleys

Don’t bother sending your hard-working employees on a coffee run. YourOffice Ballantyne has two cafés that offer complimentary beverage services for you and all of your employees. Our friendly kitchen staff will provide you with the best service so that you can focus on the task at hand.

21,000 Square Feet of Office Space

YourOffice Ballantyne has over 21,000 square feet in its facility, with offices ranging in size from 96 square feet to 284 square feet. If you need a place to stretch your legs, there are plenty of lakes and walking trails right outside the Park for you to enjoy.

#1 Office Park in the Carolinas

YourOffice Ballantyne is the #1 office park in the Carolinas and is the perfect solution to the changing needs of your company. Take the stress out of finding a new executive suite by renting a fully furnished office that is equipped with the latest technology and great amenities. Contact YourOffice Ballantyne today to find out how you can get two months’ free rent and save money while increasing your productivity.


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