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Your Office Ballantyne Different Virtual Office Packages

Today’s top business leaders have no patience for second-place finishes. Keeping your staff nimble and adaptable to a changing market climate is paramount to success. Shuttering the traditional office and relying on technical solutions to unite your workforce may be exactly what your company needs to succeed.

YourOffice Ballantyne can provide all the services you need to take your company virtual and slash your overhead at the same time.

Basic Serviceslive receptionist in ballantyne office

A virtual office bridges the gap between your team operating in the virtual arena and a physical location from which you may base operations. The simplest requirement for any virtual office is automated telephone service with voicemail. One single number for your business keeps things simple for your clients. For that extra touch, you may wish to add a live answering service. A human being picking up your phone gives your customers the impression of a brick and mortar location without the building.

In addition to phone and reception services, a physical address is required for many industries. Any successful virtual team needs a place to receive mail, packages and contracts. Customers are more likely to trust a business card or website with a location listed.

On occasion, your team will need to come together to plan new initiatives or face challenges. When the time comes to bring everyone together under one roof, your virtual office will need to become temporarily physical. Having a set location with established accessibility and necessary technology is critical in these defining moments.


YourOffice Ballantyne Has The Solution

No one knows what your changing business needs better than you. YourOffice Ballantyne offers a list of virtual office needs available à la carte or through one of several money saving service packages. All include access to a prestigious Ballantyne, NC address, part of the ever growing Charlotte area.

Smaller businesses and individual freelancers may find that the Silver Virtual Office Package meets all their needs. Combining telephone and mail services, the Silver Package is a basic virtual office in a box, for a combined savings over the à la carte services.

The Gold Virtual Office Package features all the services of the silver package plus 16 complimentary day office hours and access to the Business Lounge. The most popular virtual office product, the Gold Package is perfect for a small, active team and provides support for a growing business.

The top of the line Platinum Virtual Office Package combines all the services above with 24 hours of complimentary private office access. If your staff finds that their online existence also requires significant face time, then the Platinum package is for you. Bring your people together in the beautiful Ballantyne Business Park and send them out equipped to meet any challenge.

If your company has unique requirements above and beyond these packages, please allow YourOffice Ballantyne to create a personalized solution for you. Any and all of our resources can be combined to meet your needs.

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