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Your Office Ballantyne’s Meeting Spaces

How do you plan to expand your Charlotte area company in 2016? Every business needs room to grow, but sometimes it’s better to rent before you buy. YourOffice Ballantyne can give you flexibility to bring your staff together for those important meetings, without breaking the budget. That flexibility begins with a wide range of solutions for any requirements, from small team meetings to large industry seminars.

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Team Meetups

Charlotte is one of the leading areas for today’s smart start-ups. Building your nimble team is tough enough; let YourOffice Ballantyne worry about space. Whether you’re planning a new company or designing the next killer app, our Day Offices are the perfect space for a small group working closely together. Available in single offices or team space, our offices contain all required technology and can be configured for any need.

Conference Rooms

The new year is a great opportunity to bring your regional team members together to plan upcoming strategies. If your workforce is normally in action globally, it doesn’t make sense to pay upkeep on unused space back home. For those times that require everyone in the same room, consider our wide range of conference facilities.

We can support your team of six in any of our conference and meeting rooms. All rooms can be configured to meet your specific needs. Our spaces are wired for high-speed internet access, cutting-edge teleconferencing, and Hi-Def video conferencing. None of your team members will be out of the loop, regardless of location.

Board Room

Face time with the Board of Directors is important for any growing company. These meetings determine the shape of an organization’s future, and should be treated with the gravitas they deserve.

We’ve created an elegant space for your business leaders to design their vision of your company’s future. Featuring elite executive furnishings and all the technological solutions available in our smaller meeting rooms, our Board Room can comfortably support up to twelve people.

The refined nature of the space is also ideal for new client meetings. Putting your best foot forward with any new opportunity is a delicate balance at best, and a logistical nightmare at worst. Letting us take some of the pressure off will allow your team to focus on what’s important: presenting the best possible image of your company.


Seminar Room

With the business world in constant flux, having a well-trained staff is the silver bullet of success. YourOffice Ballantyne can help facilitate your training sessions to keep your people at the forefront of your industry.


Our Seminar Room is the perfect venue for your next instructional meeting. Capable of supporting up to 40 people at a time, our lecture hall features a wall-to-wall whiteboard, a 100” projection screen, and an excellent sound system. No one will miss the pertinent point here.


Located in Scenic Ballantyne Business Park

The mind is only as engaged as the body. Our location in the Ballantyne Business Park gives your employees to chance to take a break in a beautifully manicured landscape. Featuring a relaxing walking path, inviting open spaces, and elegant water features, the Business Park can help recharge your team members at the end of a successful day.

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