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14 Reasons You’ll Love Your Office-Ballantyne

Reasons You'll Love BallantyneTrying to decide whether or not Your Office-Ballantyne is right for your company? Since today is 11/14/14 we’ve decided to count down the top 14 reasons why you’ll love YourOffice-Ballantyne and how we can help your business succeed!

14. Excellent Selection. At Your Office-Ballantyne we have 81 fully-furnished offices and 5 fully equipped meeting rooms that are ready to use whenever you need them. Never worry about where you’ll meet with clients or how to furnish your office space again. With our office and meeting space everything is set and ready to go the minute you need it.

13. Flexibility. Have your office customized to your exact needs. Choosing furniture for your office can be time consuming and expensive. At YourOffice Ballantyne we can have your office space ready for you the minute you arrive without the need to completely design the interior of your office before getting started.

12. You’re the Boss! There will always be a package that suits your needs with YourOffice Ballantyne’s Virtual office packages. With multiple options to choose from as well as the option to customize a package to your specific needs you can be sure that YourOffice Ballantyne will have what you need! Whether you need a large office for multiple employees or simply a private office for your entrepreneurial ventures we have what you need in our fully-equipped executive suites.

11. No Up Front Investment Necessary. Looking to get started right away but not sure how much capital it will take to move into your own office space? At Your Office-Ballantyne there is no up-front capital investment so it’s a smart way to take your business to the next level.

10. Updated Machinery. At Your Office-Ballantyne we have up to date business machinery such as a fax machine, copier, and scanner that will be at your disposal whenever you need them. No need to bother with purchasing office equipment or dealing with outdated machinery since we have it ready and waiting for you.

9. Up to Date and Fast Technology. Fully equipped and secured WIFI internet that’s ready to go the minute you walk in the door. No need to worry about setting up the internet or calling the cable company. It’s ready for you from the first day with no hassle.

8. Kitchen Amenities. At Your Office-Ballantyne we have two kitchen areas with complimentary beverage services for you and all of your employees. Kitchen areas are not only a great place for taking a quick coffee break but they can also foster closer relationships within your team and encourage networking with other business-minded people in the building.

7. Free & Abundant Parking. No worries about where to park your car in the busy Ballantyne area. Parking that’s free and plentiful for you and all of your employees all day every day! Just one more way that we help make your day stress-free and without any hassles.

6. Security. The safety of the companies in our building and their property is one of our top priorities. With business park security the area is patrolled nightly and there are numerous security cameras to ensure you and your employee’s safety any time day or night.

5. Electricity and Janitor Services. Our building has full electricity, janitorial, and HVAC services included in your package. No need to worry about hiring any special maintenance workers or other help to maintain the comfort and cleanliness of your office since it’s all taken care of without you lifting a finger.

4. 24 Hour Access. Forgot something at the office? Working late on an important project? Not a problem, you have full access to your office space any time day or night.

3. Flexible Lease Terms. Why try to predict the future of your business? At Ballantyne Executive Suites we understand that businesses can grow drastically at any moment. That’s why we have flexible lease terms that can ensure that you have the exact amount of space you need at any given moment without the hassle of moving or getting out of an overbearing lease.

2. Your Choice of Configurations. At Your Office-Ballantyne there are a number of options available for configuring your space. We offer window, interior, single and team configurations.

1. Free Rent! And the number one reason why you’ll LOVE YourOffice Ballantyne? Two months free rent! Ask us how you can get started today and save money with this two month special. But hurry up because this deal only lasts until the New Year. We look forward to hearing from you!

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