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5 Ways to use your Company’s Saved Money During the Holidays


Who doesn’t love saving money? It’s even better when you’re able to save money during the holiday season. With Ballantyne Executive Suite’s two months of free rent you can make your company’s holiday great with the cash you’ll save! Here are five great ideas for using the money you’ll save to make the holiday season memorable for yourself and your employees.

1. Decorate the Office

What better way to get into the holiday spirit than by decorating the office for the occasion? With the extra cash that you’ll save you can splurge on some high quality decorations that will last over the coming years. Decorations such as holiday lights, hanging snowflakes, and other festive things can help everyone feel more cheerful and get into the holiday spirit.

2. Have a Surprise Seasonal Breakfast or Luncheon

Everyone loves surprises especially if they involve food! Why not show your employees how much you appreciate them by surprising them with a seasonal breakfast or luncheon? Not only will you be showing your appreciation but you’ll also be helping to foster a spirit of collaboration amongst your employees. With the money you save you can get holiday-themed catering or simply have a fun lunch outing to help celebrate the season and your hard working employees.

3. Give Back to your Clients

Be sure to not forget about your clients during this holiday season! After all, without them your business wouldn’t be where it is today. Why not show them your appreciation by sending a holiday greeting card or giving a special holiday discount to your most loyal fans? With the money you’ll save at Ballantyne you can feel good about giving back and showing your customers just how much you appreciate them!

4. Host a Holiday Party

This one may be a no brainer and perhaps you already have one planned but why not use that extra cash to go all out on your company’s holiday party this year? If you usually have a small gathering with no +1’s why not invite your employee’s spouses or family? Or if you usually have it at the office why not splurge on a fancy hall or have it catered? With the money you save you can make this year’s holiday party one that will be the talk of the season.

5. Bonuses!

What holiday season would be complete without bonuses? With the extra money that you’ve saved why not give back to your employees for working so hard through the year with generous bonuses? Even better if it’s significantly more than what they would be expecting. You’ll be sure that they’ll be loyal and continue to work hard for your company as well as making their holiday a little bit brighter. Don’t forget about yourself of course! Why not give yourself a little extra bonus as well? After all you’ve earned it!

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Have fun with the extra cash that you’ll save by switching the Ballantyne Executive Suites! Whether it’s holiday parties, bonuses, or simply some fun decorations you can make this holiday season a little bit brighter by using these fun idea to get into the holiday spirit!

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