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3 Reasons to Video Conference

In today’s inter-connected culture even the smallest of businesses often has to interact with clients across the country or even across the globe. And sometimes using Skype or Google+ Hangouts just isn’t an option. Whether it be because your home office is you kitchen table or because the services are unreliable, sometimes you need professional video conferencing equipment.

Gone are the days when a small businesses primarily interacted with local clients and left the cross-country and global contacts to bigger more established companies.  There are great benefits to being able to attract clients from all over the world but travel costs can become a real problem when a smaller budget is a factor.

Videoconferencing can enhance your clientele without hurting your bottom line.

Video Conferencing Get You Face to Face Without Travelling

The ability to meet with a client face to face is an essential component to a successful business relationship.  In order to be sure that you and your client are on the same page sometimes a simple phone call just won’t do.   However in today’s global market, meeting face to face frequently can become costly when you are thousands of miles away from your client.  Maintaining the same level of connectivity with a client can become completely cost prohibitive when travelling is involved.

With the latest in videoconferencing you can maintain your business relationships without spending a fortune on travel.   In the comfort of a professional office and with the proper equipment you can be sure that you are being just as attentive to your non-local clients as to the clients that are down the street.


Video Conferencing is Time Efficient

Not only is travelling frequently expensive it can also be very time consuming.  There are flight delays, layovers, and other travel hassles.  Even if your trip goes smoothly the time it takes to get from point A to point B can be extensive.  You could potentially be serving your client more effectively if you used that time to take care of their needs instead of travelling to meet them for a short meeting.

Video conferencing can free up an immense amount of time for business that would normally be spent on a plane or other form of transportation.   Time that would essentially be wasted can be devoted to accomplishing more for the client.  If the right equipment is used it can be as effective as if you and your client were in the same room.


Video Conferencing Increases Productivity

In the past being able to be in several places at once seemed like an unattainable dream of the future.  The idea that you could have a meeting with your staff in your office at eleven and then meet with a potential client in Dublin at noon was unthinkable.  One of the two would have to be put on hold or moved to a different time in order to accommodate the other.

With the use of videoconferencing you are able to do both in the same day.  This is a drastic advancement in productivity.  It is also not simply something that is attainable by large companies.  With the right equipment you can effectively meet with your client in Dublin and still be ready for lunch at your favorite café in Charlotte.

We love that kind of productivity!


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