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4 Reasons a Professional Meeting Room Makes You Look Good

In today’s business world many companies are de-centralized and everyday more and more small companies are incorporated. Even when these folks primarily work from home, sometimes they need to physically get together. Video conference calls, tele-conferencing and the host of online services available that help to connect people on a daily basis just aren’t enough sometimes.

If you are planning a business retreat, highly information meeting or a strategy session, you may need to rent some meeting room space for the day. Here are 4 reasons you should seriously consider getting some professional space the next time you organize a meeting.

Focus on the Meeting

Admit it, you have sometimes drifted off to check email or starting writing a report when you were supposed to be concentrating on a conference call. We’ve all done it. In today’s hectic world, it is hard not to get distracted by email, text, instant messages or just other priorities when you are on a call….especially when the call has a lot of people and you may not be required to engage all the time.

These distractions lead to meetings being less effective and perversely that means, we hold more meetings! Get off that endless cycle. One meeting, held in a physical location with all the important players present and focused can accomplish more than 4 conference calls sometimes.

Sure, modern advances are helpful and help us get connected but sometimes it pays to be totally focused on the topic at hand. Who knows, you may even end up turning your cell off for a few minutes!

Plenty of Room to Think

Have you ever attempted to hold a meeting in an office that just wasn’t quite large enough?  It can be hard to concentrate on a presentation or a discussion when you’re constantly brushing up to the person next to you. Not only is this unprofessional but it creates a negative atmosphere for everyone involved. This is obviously not the impression you would want for your clients.

A professional meeting space eliminates this problem by providing a space that is large enough to accommodate everyone comfortably.  If you rent a professional meeting place you can ensure the fact that when your clients walk into the room they will feel a sense that you are taking their business seriously.

Some providers will even have Break out rooms so your large group can be divided into smaller focused groups. At YourOffice-Ballantyne, we are happy to provide these extras to our clients.

High Tech Meeting Impress

One of the most embarrassing things that can happen during a client meeting is unreliable technology malfunctioning during a presentation.  If you’ve ever been standing in front of a roomful of potential clients only to realize that your computer has frozen or you cannot get the A/V equipment to function properly you know that having the most up to date equipment is essential to a successful meeting.

Renting a professional meeting space with the most up to date and professional equipment available could be the difference between impressing your client and having your meeting flop.  A professional meeting space will showcase to your clients that you are a professional who will do what it takes to get the job done.  Having all the equipment available and prepared for you by the time the meeting begins will also ensure the fact that your meeting is focused solely on the business at hand and not on the unreliability of technology.

Let the Pros Handle Meeting Set-Up & Breakdown

When preparing for an important meeting you want to be able to focus as much time and energy on the presentation itself and less on the minor details.  Dealing with setting up the room, the technology, and the catering can take away valuable preparation time that may be in short supply.  The last thing you want to busy yourself with right before a meeting is making sure the caterer arrives on time or the chairs are arranged properly.

With a professional meeting space there are staff available to handle all of these nuances.  They can set up the chairs, make sure all technology is working properly and ready to go, and arrange for catering if desired.  Leaving you to prepare the most important part of the meeting free of minor, yet time consuming, distractions.

At YourOffice-Ballantyne we have a professional staff that takes care of all your meeting needs. We prepare the room, set-up snacks and lunch, help with A/V equipment and clean everything up while you are closing the deal! If you are considering a professional meeting room in Ballantyne for your next meeting, contact us. We will love to take care of you! Thanks

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