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3 Things Golf Has Taught Me About Business

If you’re like me, you find it harder to work as the weather gets nicer.  Whenever I’m in my office in Ballantyne, and there is nice weather I think about being on the golf course.  Being located right across the street from the Ballantyne Resort only gives me the golfing itch that much more.

Although there are a lot of us who would love to get out of work to go golfing all the time, it just isn’t reasonable.  There are however, a lot of things that we can take from golf and incorporate into the businesses we work in.


I have started several different businesses over my career, and one thing you must have when you are starting a business is patience.  Being impatient in golf can totally ruin a round, and the same goes for business.  When you are just starting a business venture it is easy to have delusions of grandeur, and many people want to reach their goals quickly.  It helps to have a business plan in place, and there’s nothing wrong with dreaming big, but you have got to be patient.

Patience can help in a number of ways. For some businesses it may be getting paperwork in order, waiting for the health inspector, filing documents with the city, or a million other things.  If you rush it, and get annoyed every time you have to wait a little while you’ll get nowhere fast.  In fact you may even end up creating more work for yourself.  Have a plan in place, execute it and practice patience.


Maintaining the proper balance in a golf swing is important, so that you get the most out of your body.  The same goes for business.  Oftentimes when we start (or are running) a business it is easy to get consumed by it.  Try to stay as balanced as possible.  The proper balance can come from eating right, getting enough sleep, or spending time with your significant other & kids.  It’s perfectly okay to work hard, and even sometimes long hours, but if you don’t have the proper balance you’ll get burnt out and you’ll fade quickly.

Things Beyond Your Control

In a single round of golf there are a number of things that are beyond our control.  The weather can effect your game, whether if it’s raining, sweltering hot or downright windy.  There can also be other factors like sprinkler heads, the cart path, or a slow group in front of you.  In these situations it is easy to get frustrated, but you have got to understand that they are beyond your control.

In business, like in golf, there will always be obstacles in our way.   It may be impossible to prepare for all the things that will happen, but just knowing that there are certain things beyond our control already puts you ahead of the game.

Golf and business have gone hand-in-hand with each other for decades.  Even if you aren’t closing deals on the golf course there are plenty of business (and life) lessons to learn from the wonderful game.

If you do talk business on the golf course, and you are looking for a conference room for rent in Ballantyne to help close your next deal, be sure to check us out.



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