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5 Office Hacks to Get You Out of a Pinch

Those of us who work with office supplies on a daily basis know their obvious functions. Staplers produce staples that allow you to bind two pieces of paper together. Binder clips serve the purpose of clipping binders. But only a special few can figure out how to maximize their staplers, binder clips, scotch tape, and rubber bands to achieve tasks unimaginable!

These tricks are called office hacks. And around here at YourOffice-Ballantyne, we have seen a few.

You may find yourself in one of the situations below and need to get creative and find a quick solution. If so, here are 5 ubiquitous office supplies that are even more functional than they originally appear.

Scotch Tape– Ever arrived at the office, only to realize your suit is covered in your dog’s hair?  Simply wrap scotch tape around your fingers a couple of times, sticky side out. Run your hand over your suit, and it will look as good as new. This will save you the embarrassment of being covered in pet hair, as well as the money you would’ve spent on a lint roller. Scotch tape can also be written on, making a great removable label.

Binder Clips- Any office worker knows how annoying it is to have loose cables and wires coming out from behind your desk. This problem can easily be solved with a binder clip. Rubber bands can also be used to rein in unruly wires.  You can also use binder clips to prop up your keyboard, making it easier on your wrists and reducing the risk of developing carpal tunnel. The most popular binder clip hack is using them as dividers to separate hanging folders.

Paper Clips- Ever had a clothing malfunction at work? You sit down at the desk, only to have the button pop off your shirt – how embarrassing. However, this problem can too be solved with a paper clip and a little creativity. Simply take your average paper clip and bend it into a safety pin. This will do until you can get home and sew that rogue button back on. Paper clips can also be used to fish out disks that refuse to come out of your hard drive.

Rubber Bands– Perhaps the most versatile of all office supplies, rubber bands can be used for a variety of purposes. When you’ve made a mistake in pencil, only to find that the eraser on the other end has been ground down to nothing, a doubled-up rubber band will do the job just as well. With enough rubber bands you can also make a stress ball. Putting a rubber band around your wrist as a reminder for what you need to do later works like a charm for many people. Women who are having a bad hair day can use rubber bands when they run out of hair ties.

Though these may seem a little goofy, these tricks will save you time, effort, and sometimes embarrassment. Not only do they maximize the use of your office supplies that are often just lying around, but they also make work more interesting. With a little material and improvisation, our lives are made a lot easier.

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