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5 Fun & Functional Ways to Decorate Your Office

Many people spend more time in their office than they do in their home. Those of us who work at a desk all day want to maximize our office space for full functionality. We also want to make it our own, with decorations that remind us of who we are and what’s really important. The feeling that you’ll get when you begin making your office your own will reduce work stress and make you feel like you’re in control of your circumstances.

Here are 5 ways to decorate your office in a fun and functional way that maximizes your mood and productivity:

Painting the walls your favorite color will do wonders for your workspace. You’ll want to choose a color that balances your personality with a professional vibe. Choose a color that will help you focus on your work. However, don’t choose a boring color that will leave you feeling closed in and stressed out. This will set the tone for your space, and give people the first impression of what you’re all about.

Choose furniture that is cost-effective and gives you room to walk around. Your office chair should be comfortable, but not as big as the room itself. You want people to feel drawn to your space and enjoy sitting there with you. Leather is a great option for those going for a modern look. The furniture should match the color and feel of the paint you choose. If you want to make your office feel inviting, comfortable furniture will do the trick.

Hang art on the wall that speaks to your life and goals, not typical boring office art. This will communicate to your office visitors that you think outside the box. Art can lift your spirits as well as get your brain juices flowing. Nothing brings life to a room like a beautiful painting or a picture that speaks a thousand words. This will remind visitors that you are human, just like them.

Organize your space. No matter how much decorating you do, your office will not reach its full functioning potential without de-cluttering first. You’ll be surprised at how the simple act of taking control of your surroundings will reduce your work stress. Dispose of trash and unnecessary documents. The necessary documents should be placed in a filing cabinet so you can find them when you need them.

Get creative with your space. Build your own bookshelves. Make wooden frames for the pictures of your family. Hang up a world map with pins in it, marking the places where you’d like to take your next vacation. Install a shelf where you can store your favorite books from home. Put up drawings that your kids have done for you. These little reminders are what get you through your hardest days.

These simple ways to bring fun and functionality to your workplace will do wonders for you, emotionally and professionally. You’ll find that you work at a more efficient pace when you’re not under fluorescent lights and surrounded by stark white walls.


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