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3 Things to Look For When Searching for a Virtual Office in Charlotte

Finding the best virtual office in Charlotte can be a challenging and time consuming task.  If you are well prepared with what you should be looking for, than the whole process can be a lot easier.  Not all virtual offices are the same, and certainly no two businesses are the same. What works well for one solopreneur or small business, might not be right for you.

3 Things Everyone Should Look for in a Virtual Office in Charlotte

Location:  We’ve all heard the slogan in the real estate and business world of location, location, location.  This also holds true for a virtual office.  One of the biggest reasons people are looking for a virtual office is because they want to impress current and potential business prospects.  The right address can do that.  Once you have a prestigious business address you can start attracting the type of clientele that you are looking for.  You also give people the sense that you are a larger company, and that you need to be taken seriously.

Some people in the business community have a hard time accepting that businesses can be run from home.  With the right virtual office you never have to worry about it.  Having a business address is great too, because you can use it for your business cards and website, and you don’t have to give away your home address.

Services:  Before you sign a contract for virtual office space, be sure to inquire about additional services.  Even though you may not be working there on a daily basis there are still some things to consider.  Does the space simply provide an address, or will there be a call forwarding service? Do you have to pick up your mail, or do they forward it to your home?  Can they also provide a phone number, or will there be a live receptionist?

Almost every virtual office differs in the types of services they offer, and they can also vary by price.  Be sure to ask what’s included, what’s available, and what each upgrade might cost you.

Amenities:  Many virtual offices also have meeting room space in case you ever need to meet with clients, and some even have conference rooms in case you want to host a larger group, or need to hold a seminar.  It’s quite common for the meeting and conference rooms to come at an additional cost of per hour, or by the day, but be sure to ask.

Although these amenities may be an upgrade there are often many others that are included like snacks and drinks, coffee, free copies, or a fax number.  Lots of people are looking for a lot more than a simple address in a virtual office.  They may not want the actual office, but they do want to be able to do business at the location.  It’s really nice when you can offer your clients and potential business a cup of coffee when they come in for a meeting.

Virtual office space varies, and many different businesses need them for different reasons.  No matter where you are considering  getting a virtual office, be sure to take these three things into consideration.  If you are looking solely because you want to have an address that isn’t your home, then you might not need some of the upgraded services and/or amenities.  If you are looking at hosting meetings, and want to present an air of professionalism than you have to consider them.  A prestigious address can do a lot for a business, and the business it produces can help pay for itself.

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