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5 Blogs Every Entrepreneur Should Read

Owning your own business can be tough, especially when you are trying to stay ahead of the curve and up to date while also running the day to day aspects of your business.  Staying current in this ever changing market can seem like a challenge but in today’s internet age it doesn’t have to be.  By following these 5 blogs you can find valuable information about modern business strategies and stay current in today’s fast changing market.


The first blog that you should have saved in your bookmark bar is  This is a blog specifically for CEO’s of all kinds.  It has great tips for the best tools for your business, how to be more creative, and how best to influence people.  It also has a section about CEO’s in the news so you can keep your finger on the pulse of what the best and brightest in today’s market are up to at any given time.

2. is an important website for any business owner.   It is an extremely well written blog that includes articles equally written by their staff as well as real CEO’s.  They feature numerous news stories that are written from a business perspective.  It also keeps you update to date on the stock market as well as the most successful people in the business.


Where and mainly features huge successful companies and CEO’s, features new and notable startups.  They feature news that is geared towards smaller and newer businesses.  It is an important site whether you have a large successful business or a small, up and coming start up. is on the cutting edge of how the market and the business world have changed and are changing.

4. is similar to in that it often features notable start up companies.  However, it differs in that it is geared towards start-ups that are much more established than the interesting hopefuls that are presented on  They are important to keep bookmarked because they simultaneously have one foot on the cutting edge of what’s new and changing and the other on the pulse of the already established business world.  They are also geared towards businesses that want to do things differently and want to stand out.  In today’s “me too” market it’s important that your company makes an impression and can help you get there.


Finally is important for any relevant business in today’s market.  If your business is not staying up to date on the current fast-changing technological world it will inevitably begin to fall behind. presents tech and business news in an interesting to read and well laid out format.  It offers article and tips on how new technology can enhance your business and will help you weed out the gadgets and advances that will actually be useful to you as opposed to the ones that are novel but not worth the investment. By staying current on how technology is affecting your business you can be sure that your business stays at the forefront of the market.

Keeping these blogs in your bookmark bar and checking them during downtime can almost seem like a leisure activity.  With their well laid out formats and interesting articles they can make “business research” seem like a walk in the park.  Although you may feel like you’re simply killing time you’ll actually be doing valuable research for your company.

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