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Advantages of an Executive Office Suite for Today’s Entrepreneur

More and more individuals are turning away from the corporate culture of retiring after 40 years with a gold watch.  A large part of it has been the economy in the past few years, and that students who graduated college can’t find a job.  Instead of sitting around and feeling sorry for themselves many of these people are venturing out on their own and becoming entrepreneurs.

Some of the greatest companies in the world have been started in garages, dorm rooms and basements, but even these businesses will eventually need office space. When you are ready to take the next step, there are many advantages of an executive office suite for today’s entrepreneur.

Cost effective-  Executive office suites often cost far less than a traditional office, and they have more flexible lease terms.

Receptionist-  When you rent an executive office suite you get a full-time receptionist for your business, without the payroll cost to you.

Lobby or reception area-  Current and potential clients will be impressed by the lobby and reception area, and it also gives the appearance that you are a much larger business

Conference Rooms-  Whether you need to meet a client, close a deal, or hold a seminar an executive office suite will have rooms to rent, often wired with the latest technology.

Equipment — Copiers, fax machines, internet access, and  phones are often included in the price of your suite.  Be sure to ask what’s included in your agreement, but any additional equipment they have means more savings for you.

Furnished Offices-  No need to rent a desk, buy a phone, or go to the store for a comfy chair. Executive office suites come fully furnished.

Janitorial and Maintenance Service- This is just another way to save money compared to traditional office space.  Your office will stay clean and shiny, and you won’t have to foot the bill.

Flexible Terms- not only is there a tremendous amount of savings, executive office suites are often much more flexible than traditional office space.  If you need to change offices because you hired an employee, or just want to change your view, it is much easier.

The cost savings of an executive office suite is obvious.  When you are looking into different spaces though, be sure to consider more than just the cost of the space.  Like the old saying goes, “you get what you pay for”.  One space may seem cheaper from the outset but it might not include furniture, fixtures, a receptionist, parking, or you may have to pay for copies or the internet.  Be sure to ask about not only what’s including, but what’s NOT included in your agreement.

When you rent an executive office suite your business can be up and running as fast as it takes you to turn on your computer.  Executive suites are a “turn-key” opportunity, a great way to get off the ground, and a cost saving alternative to traditional office space.


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