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3 Ways Your Home Office Slows You Down

Home Office Slows You Down

Working from home is something that many people strive for over the course of their career.  Dreams of reduced stress, increased flexibility and working in the comfort of your own home will drive you to achieve this goal.  Before working in the best office space in Charlotte, NC, I spent many years working from home. It can grow to create more feelings of distraction than freedom or independence.

If have been working from home for a while you may notice some things are starting to bring you down. It’s easy to fall into a rut and lose your “get up and go” mentality. Below are three things that may be hindering your productivity in your home office.

1. It makes it harder to get motivated.

Do you find it takes extra time to begin any actual work in the morning?  Without the deadline of getting to work by nine o’clock it can often be hard to motivate yourself to get started.  You slowly make your coffee and breakfast maybe check the news or your email.  Before you know it it’s 10:30 or 11:00 and you haven’t done a thing!

Having an outside office provides extra incentive to get started earlier and, in turn, be more productive.  Even if it’s not something you plan to use every day just knowing you have someplace to be by a certain time can increase your productivity immensely.

2. No reason to dress professionally. 

Most people who have worked towards the goal of having a home office look forward to the days when they can wear comfortable clothing while getting their work done.  No reason to impress anyone when you’re sitting next to your dog right?   However, sitting next to your dog every day, in your most comfortable pair of jeans or (dare I say it?) pajamas is a sure fire way to make checking your Facebook seem more important than getting your work done.

Having an office outside of your home requires you to dress professionally. This encourages you to be more productive in every aspect of your day.  Have you ever seen a four year old in a fireman costume?  That kid is ready for business.  Making sure you’re presentable and dressing professionally can enhance your work state of mind.  It’s much easier to find the motivation to do this when you have someplace to go.

3.  Difficult to avoid distractions and stay focused.

Trying to avoid distractions at home can be quite a challenge especially if you have children or pets.   Even if you’re lucky enough to have a dedicated office space in your house you can still hear what’s happening outside your door.   It’s also easy to take an extended lunch in the comfort of your living room instead of quickly eating and getting back to the task at hand.

Staying focused in a dedicated office building is much easier to accomplish.  Your personal life can’t intrude in the same way and you’re much less likely to try that new recipe you read about when you have 30minutes before you have to be back to your office.

An outside office can help you gain your productivity back!

Working from home has advantages but sometimes you need that extra separation of personal and professional life to give your business the boost that it needs.  If you would like to stop in to and tour our office space in Charlotte, NC please do. Also feel free to contact us with any questions at (704) 944-3200. We are hear to help and wish you the best on your entrepreneurial journey.

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