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3 Ways a Virtual Office Can Jumpstart Your Business

Ballantyne Virtual Office

Working from home can be great for flexibility and low overhead.  In some ways, however, it can hinder your professional appearance and the advancement of your business.  We’ve all had that one client that just really wants to see your office. Or you need to list your address on your website and the thought of someone pulling up a picture of your home on Google Maps Street View doesn’t exactly make you comfortable.

Would  you like a prestigious business address with mail pick up? How about the use of conference rooms? Best of all, do you think having a professional receptionist answer the phone in YOUR business name will help boost your reputation? If these perks sound good, you should check out the benefits of a virtual office solution.

Benefits of a Virtual Office: How It Can Jumpstart Your Business.

Have you ever had a client call on your cell phone at a very inopportune moment?  You’re on a busy street and there is an ambulance passing, you’re toddler starts having a melt down or you’re in a public restroom.  You know you need to answer but the unprofessional moment leaves you feeling awkward or apologetic.  You also might simply allow the call to go to voicemail.  This scenario can sometimes be the difference between landing a client or not.

A Virtual Receptionist

With a virtual receptionist you can avoid these unprofessional moments and never miss another opportunity.  A virtual receptionist ensures the fact that your clients or potential clients always reach a live person.  This person will be knowledgeable about your business and can answer basic FAQ’s without the need to contact you.  They can also take messages or connect clients directly to your cell phone if you are available.

A professional work address.

Working from home usually means that your home address doubles as your work address.  This can present some unique problems.  First of all if you travel frequently for business or are simply out of town, for whatever reason, package delivery can be a problem.   Another problem can arise when you have business cards or letterheads.  If you have to hand out business cards that have an obviously suburban sounding address it can hinder your professional appearance.

With a virtual office you can have a prestigious address that deals with package handling as well as offering a much more professional appearance for your business cards or letterhead.

Meeting room or office use by the day or hour.

Sometimes you may need to meet with a client and with a home office this can present a few challenges.  You’re either left finding a public meeting place to hold your meeting or attempting to meet at the client’s place of business.    This is not an ideal situation for anyone and can certainly hinder the growth of your business.

Many virtual offices offer meeting rooms or offices by the day or hour.  This provides a flexible option for those who need an occasional place to meet or even just a few hours to work in a more professional environment.  If you‘re able to maintain a professional appearance by meeting in a conference room your potential clients will feel much more confident in giving you their business.

Maintain the professionalism of your business with a virtual office.

Working from home is a great option for small businesses but sometimes a little bit extra is needed to ensure your business is taken seriously.  With the use of a virtual office with a receptionist, a professional work address, and meeting rooms and offices you can be sure that your business has everything it needs to thrive.

If you are considering using a virtual office on the Ballantyne area of Charlotte, NC – then please give us a call at (704) 944-3200 or fill out this short form. We have excellent virtual office packages and having an address in America’s #1 Business Park will certainly help to jump start you new venture.


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