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5 Entrepreneur Groups in Charlotte


business peopleWhen you’re just starting out as an entrepreneur, it is essential to find other like-minded individuals and to surround yourself with an “entrepreneurial village” to help you succeed. Whether it’s for networking, potential clientele, or simply support in a new venture, finding the right community will give you a solid foundation for your new endeavor. Fortunately, there is a wealth of community and resources for entrepreneurs and small business owners right here in Charlotte. Here are 5 great groups to help get you started:

Packard Place

Packard Place is a group of nearly 2500 members that allows entrepreneurs and innovative start-ups to be housed in one central location. The group provides access to hands-on assistance, education, and technology to help entrepreneurs and start-ups create lasting innovations in their fields. Coaching and mentoring is also an integrated part of the group and provides a wealth of business opportunities not easily found elsewhere.

Charlotte Business Owners

A networking group that meets for monthly lunch meetings, this group includes informational speakers, elevator speeches, ample opportunities for networking, and great food of course! Numerous member benefits are included in the yearly membership such as:

-CBO Member Business & Social Media Training classes

-CBO Member Inexpensive Mobile Business Cards

-CBO Member Teach-A-Class Program

-CBO Member FREE One Page Website

These are just a few of the perks of this great, local small business group right here in Charlotte. For more information be sure to check out their page here.

Women Entrepreneurs of Charlotte

The Women Entrepreneurs of Charlotte are seeking to create long-term business relationships and networking opportunities among like-minded entrepreneurial women. With networking meetings every two weeks as well as special meetings such as “A Night of Health and Wellness Learning” on Monday July 20, this is a well-rounded group to help you in all areas of your professional life.

Charlotte Startup Founder 101

This is a great group for those who are really looking to get their feet wet in entrepreneurship but also for those who are more experienced and looking to collaborate with like-minded individuals. By bringing together experienced entrepreneurs with up and coming startups, they help local small businesses to grow and thrive with feedback about their ideas and how to improve their businesses. For more information check out their information page right here.

Charlotte Entrepreneurs Organization

For small and large business owners alike the Charlotte Entrepreneurs Organization is a great resource for networking and bouncing ideas off like-minded individuals. With educational classes, motivational meetups, network get-togethers, and a free online social network, the Charlotte Entrepreneurs Organization is definitely a group to check out. For more information be sure to visit their page here .


Whether you’re looking for networking opportunities or simply the support of like-minded small business owners, finding a meetup group is a great start!

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