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5 Fun and Affordable Ways to Show Customer Appreciation


Customer AppreciationShowing your appreciation is one of the best ways to create loyal customers. People today have lots of options when it comes to where they take their business. That’s why it’s important to show your customers that they’re important to you. However this can be taken to the extreme and end up costing your company more than is necessary. When looking for ways to show customer appreciation a little bit can go a long way. Here are five fun and affordable tips to improve your customer relationships without breaking the bank.

1. Send Handwritten Notes

Handwritten notes are a classy and inexpensive ways to show your customers that they’re valued. Whether it’s a thank you note, a birthday card, or even a simple postcard notifying customers of an upcoming sale, handwritten notes can go a long way in creating customer loyalty. Another fun aspect could be to pick an obscure holiday and send handwritten notes in celebration. This will have the twofold benefit of reminding your customers about your business as well as possibly making them laugh.

2. Give Away Free Stuff

Who doesn’t love free stuff? A great way to show customers that they are valued is to provide upgrades or discounts simply for being loyal customers. Gift cards are a great way to encourage customers to return to your business as well and free giveaways, especially if they promote your business, are also a great option. Whether you give away free pens, T-shirts, or other items with your logo on them you can be sure that your customers will appreciate the gesture and you may encourage new customers along the way.

3. Share Knowledge

Knowledge is power and if you show your customers that you’re an authority on your business’ particular niche they will definitely take notice. Whether it’s through an email newsletter or a lively blog, sharing relevant information that your customers will value is an excellent way to keep them coming back. Make sure that you stay on topic and that all of your content is useful to your customers or they will quickly lose interest and your effort will be wasted.

4. Showcase Your Customers

Do you have any customers who have their own business? Creating a profile or information page for them on your own website or Facebook page shows your other customers how you’re helping another business succeed. This is a great way to get noticed and to position yourself as a supporter of small businesses. It’s also a way to make your customers feel that they are truly valued and you are proud to have them as customers.

5. Give Them the VIP Treatment

If you have a few loyal frequent fliers among your customers why not make them feel even more valued by giving them the VIP treatment? One idea is to host an invitation only event or provide early access to your newest products exclusively to your VIP’s. This can go right along with the free stuff tip. Why not give your VIP’s free gifts for their loyalty? This will help them feel valued and will keep them coming back to your business exclusively.

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Customer loyalty is an important aspect of any successful small business. So why not help encourage that loyalty with these few simple tips? You’ll set yourself ahead of the competition and will also help keep your customers feeling valued which is the perfect recipe for a thriving business.

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