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5 Ways a Virtual Office Can Boost Productivity

 boost productivityMaintaining productivity can be a challenge for anyone even on a good day. There are so many distractions and time-wasters just itching to derail your productive streak. Having a virtual office, especially in today’s rapidly changing business environment, can dramatically increase productivity if used correctly. So how can a virtual office improve your business’ productivity?

5 Ways a Virtual Office Can Minimize Distractions and Maximize Productivity


 1. No Wasted Time Commuting

People spend an average of 30 minutes driving to the office each day. When added together over the course of the week that’s a lot of wasted time. Add in a quick stop for coffee, and getting all settled in once you actually reach the office, and that’s a lot of time lost. With a virtual office, instead of driving for several hours a week you can spend those first few hours, when you’re fresh and ready to go, being productive and getting a jumpstart on your day.

 2. No Need To Get Dressed Up

 Should you wear the blue tie or the red one? Did you leave your dress shirt at the dry cleaners? If you have a virtual office you can forget about spending any time worrying about what you’re going to wear. With no need to get dressed up for the office you can wear something comfortable even your pajamas! (We promise we won’t tell anyone.)

 3. No Chatty Co-workers

 Ever have a cubicle neighbor who will just not stop interrupting you? You’re trying to be polite while still maintaining your train of thought. Finally you just give up and go get another cup of coffee hoping they’ll be quiet once you get back. With a virtual office that problem is completely eliminated. You’re free to stay on task and get more done in less time due to having so few distractions.

 4. Easier to Take More Frequent Breaks

 This may seem like a hindrance to productivity but it’s actually a huge benefit. Anyone who has found themselves needing a few extra breaks can understand. You feel the pressure to stay put due to the office environment and so your productivity suffers. With a virtual office you’ll have the freedom to take a few extra breaks for a trip to the bathroom, another cup of coffee or even a breath of fresh air.

 5. Work When You Feel The Most Productive

 Not everyone feels the most productive between the hours of 9am and 5pm. If you’re a morning person or a night owl the virtual office can be the perfect answer to your productivity woes. Without the need to go in to a physical office you can work when you’re feeling the most creative or alert.

The business world is changing rapidly and the need to be at the top of your game is more important than ever. A virtual office might be just the boost you need to bump your productivity to the next level. Plus, you definitely can’t beat the commute.

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