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As Millennials Hit the Workforce Virtual Offices Grow

millenials in the workforce

Virtual offices are an important aspect of the ever-growing technological age. With an increasing number of Millennials (those born between the early 1980’s and the early 2000’s) choosing to start their own business, as opposed to searching for jobs that no longer exist, the need for virtual office technology is growing exponentially.

To understand the need for virtual offices it’s important to understand why there is such a dramatic shift in the workforce as more and more Millennials come of age.

Job Availability

Millennials are on track to be the most educated generation thus far. This is incredible, but with less jobs due to a struggling economy and a larger pool of college graduates looking to enter the workforce, this creates a problem. Finding a job, let alone a career path, is becoming increasingly difficult for the Millennial generation. In order to survive, more young people are turning towards starting their own business to make up for the lack of available jobs.

Starting a Business in the Technological Age

It’s not surprising that they’re turning towards entrepreneurship considering that it’s also the easiest time in history to start your own business. With little to no start up costs, as well as the ability to have fewer or even no employees, starting a business today is easier than it’s ever been. Millennials are willing to take risks in order to make something of themselves and this means the need for virtual offices.

Growing Up Plugged In

The Millennial generation has spent their entire lives networking on various platforms. In spite of the lack of “real world” experience in the workforce, they have consistently used technology to collaborate, communicate, and create opportunities. This is the “perfect storm” of skills to create a generation of entrepreneurs who are in need of even more technology to fulfill their business plans.

How Do Virtual Offices Fit In?

Virtual offices offer the perks of legitimacy for small businesses. Millennials already know how to network and communicate with technology, but they need a way to make their businesses a reality. With a virtual office they can have a receptionist to answer their business calls with their companies name, instead of just their own personal cell phone. They can have a prestigious business address or even access to professional meeting rooms to help grow their clientele. All of these services are necessary for the success of any small business, and as more and more Millennials choose this route, these services will increasingly be in demand.

The workforce is changing rapidly along with the economy. Many Millennials are making their own way in order to combat the loss of the traditional career path. As technology advances, virtual offices are becoming more and more necessary to the small business owner. Millennials may already know how to network and communicate but the need for making a great impression for their new businesses will never change and the virtual office is the best option for these budding business owners.


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