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7 Apps to Help Increase Productivity

apps for businessTrying to be productive in today’s digital age can be a challenge. No matter where you are it is extremely easy to be presented with a myriad of interesting distractions that pull you away from your work. Instead of letting technology get in the way of your productivity put it to work for you! Check out these 7 great apps that will help keep you on task and make your life easier.

7 Apps To Increase Productivity

 1. Pocket

 One of the easiest ways to be distracted while working is by browsing the internet, reading interesting articles, or watching videos. These can be huge time wasters especially since you rarely realize just how much time you’re spending watching that adorable video of a sleepy kitten. Pocket is the perfect app for helping you get back on task. Simply save the site to your browser to read or watch at a later time once your tasks are finished. The best part is that it can sync across all of your devices making it easy to check it out later even if you don’t have an internet connection.

 2. Dunno

 This is a great app if you find yourself wasting time researching random different things on the internet all day long. With Dunno you can simply jot a note down for something you’d like to research and it will do the work for you while you stay on task with your other work. It will save the research for you to check out later. So the next time someone mentions that awesome movie they just saw or the newest tech device, you can continue working without worrying about missing out on the next best thing.

 3. MakeMe

 If you’re looking for an app that can make productivity fun then this is definitely the app for you. MakeMe is an app that makes doing anything into a fun competition with your friends. You can include things like “work out 3x this week” or “write for 20 minutes.” The more you achieve the better your stats. It’s a great way to get motivated through peer pressure and friendly competition.

 4. Clear

 Clear is a great list-making app that is extremely user friendly and simple to use. It’s also aesthetically pleasing which can be a perk when looking at a boring to-do list. It’s very easy to add and delete items on the list. To delete simply swipe the items away and shake your device to pull up the option to email your list. Clear is the yellow legal pad of apps.

 5. Evernote

 If Clear is too simplistic for your taste then be sure to check out Evernote. Not only can you create comprehensive lists but you can also sync reminders, notes, photos, tweets, and files in one place across all of your platforms. It’s so much more than a simple notebook and can increase your productivity exponentially.

 6. CloudOn

 Have you ever found yourself on the train or anywhere else without access to your desktop or laptop and you’re on a deadline to finish that powerpoint presentation? With CloudOn you can use Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel on any of your mobile devices to finish (or start!) that last minute project on the go.

 7. DropBox

 After you’ve finished that Excel spreadsheet or last minute PowerPoint project you can conveniently “drop” it into DropBox to either share it with colleagues or access it from your desktop when you need to. DropBox is also good for backing up files, pictures, videos and anything else you’d like to protect from being lost.

There are just as many ways to increase your productivity with technology as there are ways to be distracted. Will you be distracted by every interesting article and funny video or utilize the best apps to increase your productivity and excellence? The choice is yours to make.

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