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5 Benefits of Virtual Office Space

benefits of virtual-offices

Many businesses are trying to reduce costs, but they also do not want to lose the capability to run their business.  In many city’s there are skyrocketing costs associated with office space, and none is probably higher than a lease.  It can be very frustrating for established businesses and start-ups alike.  There’s nothing worse than throwing all your money to overhead costs, or being in an office that you don’t like or one that doesn’t work for where your business is going.  Businesses can change at the drop of a hat and more businesses are looking for flexible space that can adapt to their needs.  More and more businesses owners are working from home, and taking advantage of virtual offices to save on the cost of office space.

5 Benefits of Virtual Office Space

1.  Cost Savings

Obviously one of the largest benefits of virtual office space is costs.  With a virtual office you reduce the overhead expense of an office lease, and you can adapt your business accordingly.  Now that you are saving money lets take a look at some of the other major advantages.

2.  A Prestigious Address

Just because you are working from home, a coffee shop, or in your pajamas doesn’t mean that your customers have to know that.  When you sign up for a virtual office your clients will never know that you don’t have an office.  Some virtual offices are actually located in the most prestigious buildings in town, and many will forward your mail for you.  Having a prestigious address looks much better than telling potential clients to mail something to a PO Box.

3.  A Live Receptionist

Just like with the address, when someone calls your business they’ll think they are calling an office.  Well, actually they are calling an office and their call will be forwarded to your number.  When you have a live receptionist, answering calls that come into a business line, you are giving off the air of professionalism.

4.  Meeting/Conference Rooms

Quality virtual offices are often in prestigious buildings like we talked about, but they also have their own dedicated floor in those buildings.  In this office space you’ll find various meeting and conference rooms for rent by the hour, day, week and sometimes even the month.  Just because you work from home, doesn’t mean you have to meet current and prospective clients at the local coffee shop.  Just rent out a room, and tell them to meet you at your office.

5.  Office Space

We hinted at it before with the meeting/conference rooms, but a lot of virtual offices also have office space available.  This office space (sometimes called executive office suites) is extremely flexible, which can grow with your company, and it often has much less upfront costs than traditional office space, and it also has flexible terms.  When you are ready to move into an actual office all’s you have to do is bring your computer because they’ll come fully furnished.

The benefits of virtual offices are easy to see, and phenomenal for any business whether it’s a start-up or a Fortune 500 company.  If you’re an entrepreneur looking to get established, save money, and you also don’t want to compromise on your image, than a virtual office is perfect for you.


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