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5 Things To Look For When Renting A Conference/Meeting Room

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Having access to the right type of conference room space is an important aspect to a successful meeting. In today’s digital era it is vital that you have the most up to date technology available to you if you wish to make the best impression to your clients. When looking for your next conference or meeting room here are five important things to be sure are at your disposal.

 High Definition Flat Screens

 If you plan on using any sort of digital media it is important that you have high quality flat screens available. This is essential if you plan to use a powerpoint presentation or any other type of viewable media. You’ll want to be sure that it will be crisp and clear and able to be seen by everyone in the room.  If the screens are outdated or if you’re expected to simply use the wall for any type of projections this can come across as unprofessional and cheap. Which are definitely not words that you would want associated with your business.

 PC Projection

 Having high definition flat screens available is useless if the room doesn’t have PC projection capabilities. When determining the best conference room make sure that the PC projection and the flat screens are well suited to work with each other and are both up to date. There is nothing worse than having projection capabilities, screens, and computers but none of them are capable of communicating with each other.

 Wireless High Speed Internet Access

 Having wireless high speed internet access can be the difference between your meeting flowing smoothly and efficiently or dealing with tangled wires and confusing set up. No one wants to start a meeting with “technical difficulties.” Not only is this embarrassing and unprofessional it can cost you your clients respect. Before you choose your meeting place be sure that there is up-to-date high speed internet access so you can be sure that your business appears professional and put together.


 Another aspect to consider is teleconferencing. Are there members of your meeting who will not physically be able to attend but are still essential to its success? Then finding a conference room with state of the art teleconferencing is essential. When scoping out the best meeting place be sure to check out the teleconferencing capabilities and ask if the phone and speakers are all current and in good working order.

 Real-Time High-Definition Video Conferencing Capabilities

 If you have members who need to be even more involved than what is available by teleconferencing, then making sure that your meeting space has real-time, high-definition video conferencing is essential. If the meeting space is already equipped with wireless high speed internet and high definition flat screens then you’re well on your way to having a successful video conference. Just be sure to double check that the video is in real time and is working properly before the start of the meeting.

Technology has made meeting rooms much more efficient but it can also cause unnecessary delays and embarrassments if not in proper working order. When looking for your next meeting space make sure that all of their technology is up to date and running smoothly. This will give your business a boost and will look proficient and professional to both your clients and employees.

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