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Alternative Office Space for Entrepreneurs

stop working at a coffee shop

Today’s business world is changing and entrepreneurs are looking for alternative office spaces.  Luckily, there are lots of alternatives for entrepreneurs who want to save money, but still want to connect with employees and clients.  Not having traditional office space per se, doesn’t mean your work has to suffer or that potential clients think you work from your kitchen table or the local coffee shop.

Virtual Offices

Virtual offices are a great alternative for entrepreneurs because they can give you the image of looking large.  A solid virtual office will have a live receptionist answering the phone with your business name, they will forward your calls, collect your mail, and they will give you a prestigious business address.  Whether someone is calling, sending something, or looking up your address, they will never know that you actually work out of your home or from a local coffee shop.

Executive Office Suite

Executive office suites are a great alternative for entrepreneurs who want a dedicated space, but don’t want large overhead and long-term commitments.  A lot of businesses start off small but they grow quite rapidly.  Other business, especially in the beginning, may have cash flow issues and they can’t commit to a lease that is a year or longer.  Whatever the reason is, an executive suite can make sense for lots of start-ups.

Co-Working Office Space

Co-working office space is similar to an executive suite, but not as private.  They are traditionally big open rooms geared towards freelancers, graphic designers, and remote workers.  They are also often geared toward young hip people so they offer things like exposed brick, and funky furniture.  Oftentimes co-working space allows you to rent a desk area by the day, week or month.

Meeting/Conference Room Rental

Many start-ups, small businesses and entrepreneurs may work remotely, from a shared office space, or they may even have an office, but they still need a place to meet clients, or they need a room to hold a conference.  Luckily there are meeting and conference rooms  in major cities all over the United States.   Oftentimes when you rent an executive office there will be meeting/conference rooms right in the same area, but you don’t need to have an office to rent them.  You can have a virtual office but still rent a meeting/conference room by the hour, day or week.  Conference room rentals are very popular for realtors who don’t have office space.  They still need to meet their clients someplace nice so they can sign some papers.

Getting office space has never been more affordable with executive suites, shared space and virtual offices.  The best part about them too, is that your business doesn’t have to suffer.  Skype,, Basecamp and other services have made it easier than ever to work virtually, and there are still other assets available when you need them.


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