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Office Design Tips to Foster Creativity


unique office space

Creativity and productivity are two of the most sought after traits in any small business or office environment. Trying to increase either of these two aspects is something that is frequently discussed when looking to take your company to the next level. Small business owners often look to the best technology as well as better accountability as two ways of increasing productivity and creativity.

One of the most overlooked, and yet just as important, aspects is that of office design. Drab grey walls or white-washed cubicles are becoming a thing of the past, and for good reason. If you want to help yourself and your employees with their creativity it’s a good idea to put some serious thought into the design of your working environment.

Personal Items

Allowing your employees to bring important family photos, personal items, or other things that are important to them is one easy and inexpensive way to help bolster creativity. By being able to decorate their own work space, employees feel more of a connection to the space and also feel a level of comfort which is imperative to a productive work environment. It also adds an element of community since unique personal items or family photos allow coworkers to get to know one another better as well as build strong relationships with each other.

Unique Work Space Design

It used to be important to have one person per desk but with the way technology has continued to evolve and change that rule has become obsolete. This is good news for your bottom line and is a great chance to design creative workspaces that are different and more welcoming. This will foster unity and productivity amongst your team and employees. Benches, quirky chairs, as well as large tables with many chairs, are all unique ways that you can set up a workspace that will save you money and will also instill an upbeat and creative atmosphere for your employees.

Consider Using “Zoning”

Most major cities have zones, or designated spaces for each type of activity, why not use this same concept for your office space? If you have designated areas for collaboration, areas for concentrated or quiet work, areas with technology and other tools you can create a unique flow within your space that will foster collaboration and productivity. It will also allow your employees to feel comfortable and they’ll be able to gravitate toward the space that will be the most conducive to their work in that particular moment.

Office space design is a unique and simple way to foster creativity and productivity in your work space. Whether you allow employees to bring their own personal items, utilize zoning, or use creative workspace design you can make sure your office space is perfectly suited to your company’s needs.

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